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The Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to INCS are fully tax-deductible.

INCS work to support an effective charter public school sector in Illinois is made possible by the investment of many partners and champions. INCS extends its gratitude to the following organizations and individuals for their ongoing support:



Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

CME Group Foundation

The Crown Family

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Finnegan Family Foundation

Grand Victoria Foundation

Invest For Kids

The John Buck Company Foundation

The Joyce Foundation

Lloyd A. Fry Foundation

Northern Trust Charitable Trust

Ostrow Reisin Berk & Abrams, Ltd. (ORBA)

Speh Family Foundation

United States Department of Education

Walton Family Foundation


Robert and Hope Abels

Sharon and William Anderson

Carol Lavin Bernick

Nancy and Don Borzak

Martha Dustin Boudos

Julia Bristow Briggs

Anne Levy Brown

Andrew W. Broy

Vincent Casillas

David and Debbie Chizewer

Kathleen Clarke

Darryl Cobb

Colleen Connell

Doris Contant

Frona Daskal

Denice Davies

Dr. Blondean Davis

Kimberly Dennis

Catherine Deutsch

Owen Deutsch and Rona Talcot

Sylvia Ewing

Paul Finnegan

Jim Frank

Alan Fritzler

Mickey and Judy Gaynor

Patti Gilford

Marti Goldberg

Peter and Carol Goldman

Jill Gottfred

Steve Hajdukovic

John Harris

Martin Hauselman

Ashley Heard

Allison Jack

Christine Jacobek

Lorraine and Mickey Jaffee

Eric B. Johnson

Ellen and Eric Joss

Barbara and Bob Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Keiser

Arthur and Wendy Kessler

Tim King

Bart Kocha

Henry and Lucile Krasnow

Frances and Elliot Lehman

Ronald Levin

Myrna and Dan Lord

Marcena Lowe

Dr. Conrad May

Stacy McAuliffe

Jelani McEwen

Jacqueline McKay

John “Tiny” McLaughlin

Rita McLennon

Nancy Mills

Allan B. Muchin

Charles and Valerie Newman

Carrie Newton

Christine Pabich

Tom and Betty Philipsborn

Dorothy and Alan Press

Beth Purvis

Nina Questal

John Ridge

Adam Rogalski

Harry and Ady Rosenberg

John W. Rowe

Jeffrey Rubenstein

Paul Saltzman

Nancy Searle

Harry Seigle

Ed Siderewicz

Honey Siegel

Ellen Soren

Ronna Stamm

Robin Steans and Leonard Gail

Joanne and Jim Steinback

Chelsey Stiefel

Carole Stone

Mindy Weinberg Uhrlaub

Rick Waddell

Brian Weinberg

Daniel Weinberg

David A. Weinberg

Patricia White

Susan Winer