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INCS Continues to Set the Record Straight on Funding

Posted on: December 4, 2018

INCS is disappointed to learn that the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and ChiACTS are calling for a strike authorization vote. The charter movement was founded on the principle that students need additional educational opportunities and a strike would do nothing to further such opportunity. Particularly troubling is the fact that CTU/ChiACTS are attempting to justify this action by relying on an erroneous claim that charter public schools receive 8 percent more funding than other public schools. All the available research, including independent third-party studies, refute this claim and establish that charter public schools continue to be underfunded relative to other public schools. INCS continues to honor the contribution of charter teachers, who work daily to create safe and productive learning environments for all students. Charter public schools realize that successful schools are the result of great teachers and leaders who are dedicated and deeply passionate about fostering the personal and academic growth of a child. INCS is therefore saddened by CTU and ChiACTS leadership in moving to authorize a strike vote, potentially disrupting the lives of thousands of students and their families who deserve better.