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INCS Disappointed with Failed Contract Negotiations, Teacher Strike

Posted on: December 4, 2018

The Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) is disappointed with the breakdown of contract negotiations, prompting charter public school teachers who are unionized to strike. INCS has always honored the contribution of charter teachers, who work daily to create safe and productive learning environments for all students. INCS is therefore discouraged with the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and ChiACTS leadership’s inability to work towards an agreement. If the CTU/ChiACTS is sincere about its support for charter teachers, then it would partner with the charter school community in demanding legislative proposals in Springfield, Ill., that would provide charter schools with adequate resources to support classrooms and help close the wage gap. The CTU has officially opposed such legislation. And, it has vehemently opposed such legislation for years.

The charter movement was founded on the principle that students need high-quality educational options and opportunities and for teachers to have more autonomy in the classroom to effectively meet student needs. A strike would do nothing to further such opportunities. The strike only disrupts the lives of students and their families. Our hope is that this strike will conclude quickly, so that the negative impact on families can be limited.