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INCS Grateful Classes Resume, Displeased with Shortened Instructional Time

Posted on: December 9, 2018

The Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) is pleased that Acero students will return to the classroom and learning will resume. As the largest advocate for charter public schools, INCS continues to honor the deep contributions charter teachers make daily. Fostering academic growth and well-being of children will always be our highest priority and the hallmark of the charter public school community.

The duration of the strike and nature of the settlement is further evidence of the Chicago Teachers Union’s (CTU) political interest and motives. The instruction time lost during the strike is only a prelude to the cumulative instructional time that will be lost under the new contract, which shortens the school day and year. This is the wrong approach. A student-centered focus would preserve, not diminish, instructional time.

While the CTU attempts to stifle charter growth and limit innovation and flexibility in the classroom, INCS will continue working to preserve these values and partner with charter public schools to enable students to succeed in the classroom and in life. Our children deserve nothing less.