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INCS Stands Firm on Quality, High-Performing Charter Public Schools

Posted on: December 4, 2018

The Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) has always been about establishing and supporting high-performing, quality charter public schools. INCS’ stance on quality applies to all public schools—any school that serves Chicago students should he held accountable for improving student performance. Parents are aware of the performance of their locally-zoned schools, and when zoned to a low-performing school, an overwhelming number of families chose to go elsewhere. The charter public school movement began more than 20 years ago to offer families expanded school choice, leading to better opportunities for students.

From the inception of the School Quality Ranking Policy (SQRP) to the adoption of a universal enrollment system, INCS has played a key role in the development of these processes as an extension of its commitment to maintaining high standards for schools and increasing student performance. INCS also supports a clear, merit-based authorization process to create better educational outcomes in the city’s charter public schools. Quality matters, and our children deserve nothing less. INCS will continue to work with Chicago Public Schools to ensure quality public school options are afforded to all students.