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INCS Statement on OIG Report

On October 24, the Office of Inspector General released a report that finds 163 former CPS employees not eligible for rehire are working in CPS charter and contract schools.

INCS released the following statement from Communications Director Kelley Quinn in response:

“Safety and high-quality staff at charter schools are top priorities for our students — just like they are for CPS. Charter schools have not had access to the Do Not Hire list, but are required to run independent background checks for all staff, which they have done. We will work with our member schools to make certain that they take all appropriate actions to ensure high-quality staff. We also look forward to working with the district to ensure charter public schools have timely access to the Do Not Hire list in the future.”



  • The charter and contract schools apparently did not know that they were hiring employees who had been given DNH designations by CPS, because there was no system in place by which charter or contract schools could learn whether their employees or prospective employees had received those designations.
  • On June 30, 2017, the OIG issued a summary report (OIG 16-01121) to the CPS Board that they develop and implement a policy or program through which charter schools could learn (1) whether their current employees or prospective hires have received DNH designations from CPS, and (2) the reasons for those designations.