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INCS Statement on Universal Enrollment

July 26, 2017

Kasia Kalata

Statement from INCS President Andrew Broy on Universal Enrollment

Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS’) charter school community recognizes the importance of a common high school application and is committed to the ideal of lowering barriers for parents to allow their children to choose which high school to attend. As such, 100 percent of Chicago’s charter public schools have agreed to participate in CPS’ common high school application enrollment system.

The charter public school community has taken this step primarily because it aligns with the goals in which our movement was founded on 20 years ago: to increase access to high-quality school options in Chicago, particularly for families without access to strong schools. Streamlining the enrollment process, consolidating applications, and creating consistent enrollment timeframes across all of CPS’ high schools will help parents and students maneuver a challenging application system and therefore is in keeping with the ideals of the charter movement—access and equity—even if it means students will attend other school types.

While the charter public school community is optimistic that CPS’ high school common application system will be implemented successfully to benefit students across the district, our commitment does not come without great concern. We urge Chicago Public Schools to follow through on their promise to families and schools and maintain transparency, integrity, and equity throughout the process.

The Illinois Network of Charter Schools and charter public school community will continue to advocate on behalf of all families in our city. They deserve nothing less.


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