3rd Grade Teacher’s Assistant

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Teacher Assistant responsibilities include assisting classroom teacher in instructing students, monitoring student progress, and enforcing the general rules and regulations of the school.


Assists students with academic, personal needs and social skills
Assists teachers in implementing and managing behavior
Checks and records students assignments as requested
Enriches the classroom environment through visuals and other resources within lessons
Observes teachers to share and gather instructional approaches
Substitutes for absent teachers as necessary
Demonstrates knowledge of curriculum to be taught
Monitors, collects, and records data in the classroom
Assists in preparation of classroom materials, bulletin boards, and organization
Maintains contact with teacher, social worker, and other colleagues regarding student concerns and progress
Assists in the instruction and management of students in common areas and related arts classes
Facilitates small groups including interventions
Contributes positively to culture and climate
Attends and participates in general staff meetings, team meetings, and in-service activities
Meets weekly with teachers to plan small group instruction and discuss progress
Plans and attends conferences at request of teacher
Exhibits a genuine concern for all students
Performs all necessary clerical tasks
Performs all duties as assigned by principal, department chair, and/or teacher
Pursues teaching certification and or professional development
– Must have Bachelors Degree

– Must have experience working with children