5th Grade Teacher

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Christopher House closes the opportunity gap through a continuum of schools that closes through personalized learning and immersive family supports starting at birth. We operate accredited early learning, elementary, and out of school time programs grounded in research-based curricula and high-quality instruction.


Commitment to Excellence
Achievement & Perseverance
Respect & Compassion

Children and Families thrive when:
• Education begins at birth and continues throughout life, with parents as their children’s first teacher;
• Home environments nurture literacy, achievement, and children’s success;
• Parents have high standards and set high expectations for themselves, their children, and children’s schools;
• Professionally trained teachers know their students as individuals;
• Evaluations and program improvements are data driven;
• Parents and staff work together to continuously evaluate and improve programming;
• Education includes the development of creativity and perseverance and is multi-disciplinary in order to foster each child’s unique strengths and interests;
• Developing independent, creative, life-long researchers, education includes curriculum designed to help scholars develop socially and emotionally as well as cognitively;
• Diversity is celebrated and explored so that learners develop broad perspectives on life and learning; and,
• Parents and caregivers support their children financially and emotionally.

Position Description: Intermediate Teacher Reports to: Principal
Status: Exempt

Position Objective: Determine the needs and provide for the education and development of primary students.
Promote school culture and ensure the needs of all learners in the classroom are met.

• Provide a high quality learning environment and instruction that meets the needs of all learners in the classroom.
• Promote school culture and set high expectations for students’ achievement.
• Coordinate with support staff and larger education team to ensure supportive learning environments for all students in the classroom.

Classroom Responsibilities
• Develop lesson plans consistent with the Common Core and, Illinois State Board of Education Learning standards, and the schools’ college prep curriculum. In partnership with a co-teacher, develop strategies for differentiation in the classroom and for take home learning.
• Monitor the academic, social and emotional gains of students through regular, measurable assessment.
• Use data-driven evaluation and reflective teaching evaluation to improve instruction and increase academic achievement of students.
• Leverage the arts to promote student achievement, creativity and critical-thinking skills.
• Consult with appropriate staff to determine educational plans students.
• Ensure a safe, healthy and clean environment for students.
• Manage administration of the classroom. Some of these responsibilities include marking daily attendance and lateness, checking homework, making photocopies, and displaying student work.
• Share responsibility for classroom maintenance and orderliness.
• Assume responsibility for classroom supplies and equipment.

• Complete necessary assessments, reports and records in an accurate and timely manner.

Team Orientation
• Work collaboratively with a teaching partner to meet the needs of all students in the classroom.
• Make contributions to school culture outside of the classroom through leadership participation in field trips, special events and other school functions.
• Work closely with special education, support staff and administration to provide necessary accommodations and modifications for students.
• Work closely with agency’s family support and youth development programs to ensure the needs of
students are met.
• Work with and host community partners to enhance classroom learning.

Parent Teacher Relationships
• Develop a strong home-school relationship with the families in order to ensure effective communication to best meet the needs of students.
• Prepare progress and report cards and conduct parent-teacher conferences four times a year.
• Manage a classroom website.
• Meet with families as needed and serve as a positive representative for Christopher House.
• Communicate school-wide and agency-wide events to parents.

Community Relationships
• Act as an advocate for children and families to the agency, the community and the professional field.
• Provide parents with resources that will enable them to act as advocates for their children and families.

Quality Assurance
• Utilize data-driven assessment, including classroom assessment tools NWEA, and BAS to inform curriculum and instructional choices.
• Participate in regular data and assessment review sessions in order to differentiate instruction and create more effective classroom learning.

Non-Classified Responsibilities:
• Respond to agency and stakeholder needs by performing assigned tasks, which do not fall within the above description.
• If such tasks are not of a temporary nature, they should be added to the positions designated responsibilities.

• A minimum of three years teaching experience in an urban setting is strongly preferred.
• Bi-lingual skills in Spanish highly desirable.
• Must be certified in Illinois to teach elementary education with professional educations license.
• ELL certification strongly preferred

• Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education required.
• Master’s Degree preferred.

Christopher House is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran’s status, or, any other protected characteristic.