6th Grade Special Education Inclusion Teacher

Posted on: August 7, 2019 |

Position-Specific Qualifications:
• A strong desire to become a better teacher by joining our Rowe Elementary School team
• Able to work collaboratively with colleagues including general education teachers, related service providers, the IEP team, the Leadership Team, and other Special Education teachers
• Committed to building relationships with families in pursuit of providing the best education for Diverse Learners
• Experience with teaching and differentiating ELA and math curricula aligned to the Common Core Standards
• Experience with writing IEPs and participating in IEP meetings
• Experience developing and modifying long-term plans, units and assessments (class, NWEA, ANET, PARCC) using cross-curricular data
• Demonstrated success in raising the achievement levels of traditionally under-served students

General responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

• Co-teach scholars in one or two grade levels in an inclusion setting using a general education curriculum that is modified and scaffolded to best meet the needs of the scholars according to their IEPs
o Co-Teach in a departmentalized grade. Collaborate, plan, and instruct with the general education ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Lead intervention small groups. Lead an advisory.
• Collaborate with co-teachers to implement instructional lessons that are targeted to meet the academic needs of students with exceptional needs and to meet their annual IEP goals and quarterly benchmarks
• Utilize a variety of learning styles in instructional activities to ensure all students are actively engaged in meaningful learning experiences
• Consult with classroom teams, Case Manager, and Director of Special Education to ensure Special Education compliance is always up-to-date and instructional expectations are being met
• Use a data-driven approach to modify/adapt instructional plans in order to maximize student learning.
• Monitor/track individualized student goals and assumes responsibility for meeting individualized student goals
• Provide testing accommodations to scholars on caseloads for classroom and state-wide assessments
• Work with classroom teaching teams to write quality IEPs that include current instructional data as well as meaningful goals that will help scholars achieve in and outside of the classroom
• Participate in weekly professional development (Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00 p.m.), a weekly grade-team meeting, bi-weekly Sped department meetings, meetings with instructional coaches, and additional professional development and collaboration to improve outcomes for all our scholars