9th-12th Grade Special Education Teacher

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Special Education Teacher

Founded in 2012, Legal Prep Charter Academy is an open enrollment legal-themed college preparatory school for students in West Garfield Park and Chicago’s West Side. The mission of the Academy is to use its unique law-themed curriculum and culture of high expectations to cultivate compassion, self-motivation, and reflection in young adults who will be prepared to succeed at outstanding four-year colleges and universities.

Legal Prep has built out its facility and is bringing in bigger classes of students, so we are seeking exceptional educators who will inspire our students to reach their full potential in a challenging urban environment. Ideal candidates are student-centered both inside and outside the classroom. They are willing to be teachers, mentors, and advisors, and work hands-on with our students.

An educational team member will:

● Maximize vital instructional time
● Have high expectations of team members and students
● Build strong, meaningful relationships with students and families
● Support a structured educational environment that hold everyone accountable
● Commit to restorative accountability to support social and emotional development
● Leverage technology to enhance and expedite learning

Legal Prep has unique value system that makes us different from most schools. We expect candidates to appreciate and embrace our ideals. We are:
● Team-Led – The Academy has a shared leadership model that places considerable control and responsibility in the hands of teachers and staff. Candidates should be excited to embrace shared ownership of the school’s success.
● Solutions and Results-Oriented – Team members identify goals and then build the strategies and metrics to reach those objectives. We expect teachers to take initiative and critically think about solutions to identified problems.
● Reflectively Accountable – Teachers need to look back even as they move forward, and use data to inform future choices. We expect team members to be accountable to agreed upon practices, deadlines, and results.
● Honesty – We work with respect and kindness, assume best intent, and are not self-serving. We are direct and professional in resolving any conflict.
● Positive Mindset – We have confidence in our students’ abilities and our ability to impact student achievement. We also believe setbacks are part of the process of learning and value feedback on areas of growth.