Assistant Principal – Middle School

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Moving Everest opened in 2015 with kindergarten and first grade and 180 students. We have now reached our goal and filled our beautiful new facilities to capacity with K-8 and almost 800 students! The children in our community are faced with multiple challenges every single day and Moving Everest was created to help students and families overcome these barriers to success and opportunity and realize their full potential.

About You

At Moving Everest, we have a vision to provide the Austin community with a K-8 school that prepares the next generation for excellence in high school. And—more importantly—in life. By creating and nurturing a strong culture that is focused on academics and character development, we strive to get 100% of our graduates into one of their top three high school choices. Here, we move mountains to provide our students with an education and support system that will create a transformative experience in their lives—and our community. This “Every Minute Matters” mindset dominates our approach and serves as our call to action every day.

Like moving a mountain, this is incredibly difficult work and isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to understand that this will likely be the toughest job you ever have; but also the most rewarding. You have the chance to literally change the course of children’s lives.


· Are a Positive Culture Builder – You work to create a positive culture that energizes and encourages people, empowers and enables people to learn and grow

· Share our high expectations for what our middle school students are capable of and will work tirelessly to help them own those high expectations and meet/exceed those high expectations

· Lead with optimism, positivity and hope and belief

· Operate with a high level of integrity

· Contribute to a united, connected, determined, team focused on making those around you better

· See what needs to be done and take laser focused action to get it done

· Lead with both love and high accountability

· Have an “Every Minute Matters” mindset. Time is precious for our scholars, and we don’t want to waste a moment. Every minute that we can positively engage a child is one minute, one step closer to the goals we share with our parents and students: the opportunity to access a high-quality high school and prepare themselves to attend college and earn a quality education and be successful in life.

· Help our students see that they have agency. Learning to see themselves not as victims of their circumstance, but rather as architects of their own better futures.

· Believe character development is a key to student success. We consciously create an environment that supports and positively develops a strong character.

What We Are Looking For:

We need an outstanding individual to join our middle school team. This position is responsible for supporting and leading key areas of the Moving Everest middle school with additional whole school responsibilities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

In general – Maintain middle-school component of the school-wide focus on a structured, respectful, positive and academically-focused school climate and culture that promotes high standards of scholar achievement.

In particular: key responsibilities include:

· Attendance – Establish and maintain procedures (in coordination with K-5 Assist. Principal) that lead to meeting school-wide goal of 96% avg. daily attendance

· Behavior – Establish and maintain consistently high standards and structures around discipline and behavior management that are clearly understood by all students, faculty, staff, and parents and ensure standards are implemented consistently on a daily basis

· Teach, train, reinforce the behavioral expectations with students and staff – Informally and formally coach teachers around behavior management strategies that enables a consistent focus on academic results

· Daily middle school operations – management of daily operations, facilities, safety, and administrative processes.

· Parent Relationship development – increase parent involvement, responsibility, and ownership to build an authentic school-wide community

· On boarding of every new student both at beginning of year and during the year – onboard in culture, routines, procedures

· Work closely and effectively with children (and their families) who have behavior challenges; partner with behavior specialists, teachers, other student support personnel to execute individualized behavior interventions when needed

· Conduct formal investigations (level 3) based on student, parent and adult inquiries related to school culture, discipline, and incidents. Complete a written summary of the investigation with recommended action steps in a timely manner that is shared with the principal for strategic planning

· Lead, Coach, Manage Behavior Specialists around behavior management strategies and responsibilities

· Continually conduct regular school culture walkthroughs to help staff maintain a high bar of excellence. This includes influencing: school entry, breakfast, lunch, dismissal, classrooms and transition times

· Help oversee scholar life activities including athletics, programs, social activities, music and drama activities, scholar governments, assemblies, contests and publications as appropriate.

· Help plan, organize, and oversee extracurricular activities that develop scholar interpersonal skills and relationships, as needed.

· Model routines, expectations, procedures, that promote positive school culture

· Lead staff trainings throughout the school year aligned with the school goals

· Work closely with other administrative team members to support a high-achievement academic culture

· Adopts and manages processes to safeguard scholars while on campus.

· Manages emergency issues while ensuring the learning environment is positive and productive.

· Participates and trains staff on safety drills, emergency plans, and policy development related to safety.

Education and Experience Requirements

At least three years teaching experience, with a track record of high achievement in the role(s).
At least two years of prior school leadership experience as a principal, assistant principal or in a similar role, with a track record of high achievement in the role(s).
Experience working with diverse student populations and children with developmental differences.
Bachelor’s degree.