Assistant Principal

Posted on: January 30, 2019

At Acero Schools, we are what we believe.

Achievement – We set goals and do what it takes to achieve them.

Community – We contribute to, respect and serve in our communities.

Excellence – We expect our best and strive to make our best even better.

Resilience – We learn and grow through adversity and challenges.

Optimism – We believe in our ability to create the future we envision.

Title: Assistant Principal
Salary: Competitive Salary and Benefits
Location: Chicago, IL
Reports To: Principal
How to Apply:

Position Overview

The Assistant Principal is the school’s ancillary leader whose primary responsibility is to support, via a leadership role, the school’s instructional strategy and to ensure its successful execution. Through this means, the Assistant Principal accepts responsibility for the achievement of the school’s academic goals. In addition, manage the day-to-day school operations.

The Assistant Principal is also the school’s ancillary visible leader and is responsible for supporting the Principal in engaging key constituents – students, staff, parents/caregivers, and community – to assist in the creation of a school environment that empowers students to achieve ambitious goals, thus preparing them for the finest area high schools, colleges, and lifelong learning.

The Assistant Principal assists the Principal, as directed, in the academic, administrative, and counseling activities of the school.

Core Responsibilities

Student Achievement and Success

-Meet targets for overall school achievement and academic progress for all individual students.
-Monitor and track trends in student performance across all academic areas, including specialized instruction and English Language Learning, to ensure school performance toward meeting Acero Schools’ vision and mission.
-Provide social-emotional resources to meet students’ needs.
-May teach courses, as needed.

School Leadership

-Be a visible leader of the school by supporting the Principal in providing communication to parents/caregivers, students, staff, community members, and, when necessary and appropriate, at school events.
-Provide oversight of the standards, policy, and protocols set forth in the Acero Schools Student Handbook to ensure that they are maintained by students, families, and teachers and, when necessary and appropriate, support the Principal in overseeing this implementation.
-Provide oversight of the standards, policy, and protocols set forth in the Acero Schools Employee Manual to ensure that they are maintained by staff, and when necessary and appropriate, support the Principal in overseeing this implementation.
-Oversee the work of the Instructional Coach(es) to ensure consistency with the defined characteristics of the Instructional Coach role and teacher performance.
-Offer ancillary presence and communication with the Acero Schools support staff as necessary and appropriate.
-Drive instruction and support teacher improvement towards meeting performance goal metrics.
-Assist in the creation of the school’s instructional strategic plan and ensure its execution.
-Support Principal’s plan to sustain a culture of excellence among school staff to carry through key areas of Acero Schools culture, student discipline, classroom management, assessment, data analysis, instructional planning, instructional delivery, and use of the curriculum to improve teachers’ skill levels.
-May assist Principal in the monitoring of local school budget and facilities, as directed.

Personnel Management and Development

-Drive all work in personnel management and development with the mindset of supporting staff with student success and performance in mind.
-Support the Principal with the supervision of school personnel in all aspects of work and evaluation.
-Oversee the implementation of the supports and interventions used in the Performance Improvement Plans.
-Review and compile evidence regularly from teacher performance evaluations provided by an Instructional Coach; conduct observations, as well as individual and group meetings, supporting the Principal, who holds final responsibility for the evaluation of each teacher.
-Support the Principal with the management, supervision, and support of school staff, including, but not limited to, the selection, retention and dismissal (non-renewal) of teachers.
-May develop and lead in-service professional development training.

Day-to-Day Operations Responsibilities


-Communicate with all departments to schedule school and community events/field trips.


-Free and Reduced Lunch Program (FRM): Oversee the collection process of the Federal Free & Reduced Lunch program applications into the Online Data Acquisition (ODA) program located in the CPS IMPACT system.
-Student Records: Oversee that student academic/health records are in compliance with CPS and Acero Schools regulations. Both manual and electronic.
-PowerSchool & CPS IMPACT: Oversee that student academic/health records are in compliance with CPS and Acero Schools regulations. Both manual and electronic.

Student Attendance

-Verify accurate attendance records for all students in dual systems (PowerSchool & CPS IMPACT) by consistently conducting audits to ensure accuracy.


-Assist in yearly lottery process as well as coordinate the collection of enrollment materials and transfer students.
-Works closely with School Leadership to ensure enrollment at school is filled to maximum capacity.

Emergency Management

-Work with School Leadership team to develop emergency plans and ensures that Acero Schools is in compliance with all required school drills (Fire, Bus evacuation, Law Enforcement, Allergen, and Shelter-in-Place).
-Work with School Leadership/Security Guard and Office Coordinator to implement and ensure that proper visitor Acero Schools policy is enforced.

Customer Service

-Promote and maintain a positive and effective school climate by ensuring that all interactions with staff, students, parents, and the public at large are prompt, efficient, helpful, and friendly.
-Establish and maintain a professional, cooperative working relationship with all stakeholders including but not limited to parents, students, staff, and neighbors, parishes, community organizations, vendors.

Cash Handling/Finance

-Develop and monitor student fees in PowerSchool database.
-Manage incoming money and deposit all funds on a weekly basis.
-Place and receive purchase orders via Web Portal.
-Collect, submit and follow up with check requests and reimbursements.
-Procure supplies and materials for the purpose of maintaining availability of required items.


-Develop and maintain school traffic plan to ensure student safety and steady traffic flow during morning arrival and dismissal hours.
-Develop and enforce school and non-school parking lot plans. Recruit and manage parent patrol/volunteers.


-Coordinate and facilitate field trips, school events and facility usage.


-Education: Bachelor’s degree (required), Master’s degree or higher in education or related field (strongly preferred)
-Minimum three years teaching experience (strongly preferred)
-Minimum one year of school leadership or management experience (strongly preferred)
-Proven track record of academic progress of students under his/her leadership
-Passionate about urban education and demonstrated expertise in building a positive school culture
-Valid Illinois Professional Educator’s License (required)
-Active Illinois Type 75 endorsement or equivalent (required)
-Must hold permanent residency in the United States (required)

Physical Demands

The nature of the work requires an ability to operate standard business office equipment, and the ability to communicate and exchange information, collect, compile and prepare work documents, set-up and maintain work files. Physical demands include the ability to stand, bend, reach high and low, stoop, and walk around the classroom 60% of the day. In addition, candidates must be able to lift and/or push and pull 15 to 20lbs for short periods of time, and walk up and down stairs several times a day.

Working Conditions

Majority of work is performed in a general office environment. Position requires availability for extended hours plus non-traditional hours required to perform job duties. Also requires participation and attendance at organization-sponsored events and meetings.

NOTE: The foregoing list of essential duties and responsibilities is intended to be representative of the tasks performed within this classification. It is not necessarily descriptive of any one position in the class. The omission of an essential function does not preclude management from assigning duties not listed herein if such functions are a logical assignment to the position.

Acero Schools is committed to a policy of equal treatment for all individuals. Acero Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, handicap, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.