Assistant Principal

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Assistant Principal

We are growing! Moving Everest is currently k-5 (540 students) but growing to k-8 (810 students). Next year, our current 5th graders will move up to 6th grade in our newly constructed middle school. We need an outstanding individual to lead our middle school growth. Under the direction of the principal, this position is responsible for supporting and leading all functions at Moving Everest Charter School with specific responsibility for the middle school. This includes but is not limited to; monitoring and guiding educational programs, office administration, budget governance, community relations, personnel and facilities. This role assumes full responsibility for school operations in the absence of the principal. The Assistant Principal is critical in supporting the mission and values of Moving Everest Charter School.
Specific Responsibilities:

Leadership & Administration
• Lead growth and development of all areas of new middle school.
• As delegated by principal, assist in development and management of daily operations, facilities, safety, and administrative processes.
• Maintain school-wide focus on high standards of scholar achievement by driving key initiatives as assigned by principal.
• Effectively build and maintain relationships with parents, community stakeholders, and neighborhood schools that establish mutual trust and respect.
• Develops and cultivate a school wide culture that fosters positive relationships across all levels.
• Assign work of, supervise and evaluate direct reports.
• Work collaboratively with principal on human resources related matters including recruitment activities, evaluation, discipline, performance management and other matters as deemed appropriate.
• Approach and address matters in a principle-centered, creative, thoughtful and constructive manner while utilizing appropriate supports and constituents, as needed.
• Lead projects as discussed with executive director and principal including; long-term strategic planning, process and operational improvement, instructional improvements, or any other projects required.
• Lead and participate in appropriate staff meetings and trainings
• Support principal in managing fiscal resources at school site and/or manage specified grant or categorical funds, as needed.

Scholar Safety
• Adopts and manages processes to safeguard scholars while on campus.
• Manages emergency issues while ensuring the learning environment is positive and productive.
• Participates and trains staff on safety drills, emergency plans, and policy development related to safety.
• Investigate complaints and in collaboration with principal as needed and determine appropriate remedies.

Scholar Life & Culture
• Help oversee scholar life activities including athletics, programs, social activities, music and drama activities, scholar governments, assemblies, contests and publications as appropriate.
• Help plan and organize extracurricular activities that develop scholar interpersonal skills and relationships, as needed.

Classroom Management & Instruction
• Maintain curriculum standards through sound leadership practices that can be demonstrated through coaching, modeling and instruction for teaching staff.
• Participates in and conducts formal and informal classroom observations.
• Provide clear and actionable feedback to teachers and staff as required.
• Support the design and implementation of instructional programs.
• Help manage process for analyzing data to increase scholar achievement and support teachers.
• Plan and deliver engaging, effective professional development opportunities.

Additional Duties
• Demonstrate knowledge and support of, Moving Everest Charter School mission, vision, values, standards, policies and procedures, operating instructions, and confidentiality standards.
• Perform other related duties as required and assigned by the principal.