Certified School Nurse

Posted on: July 25, 2022

The Urban Education Institute is dedicated to producing knowledge to create reliably excellent schooling nationwide. UEI accomplishes this through applied research designed to improve school practice and education policy; the operation of a charter school with four campuses serving children from across the South Side; preparing and supporting new teachers for Chicago; establishing robust partnerships with organizations and school systems across the city and nation; and the dissemination of tools and training designed to improve urban schooling nationwide.

The University of Chicago’s unique commitment to urban education is clear in its role as operator of three public charter school campuses serving nearly 1,800 students on the South Side of Chicago. The campuses operated by the Urban Education Institute are at the core of our work and place the University among a small group of higher education institutions in the nation directly responsible for the public schooling of pre-K through 12 students.

The University of Chicago Charter School’s four campuses share a common mission: To prepare 100% of students for college acceptance and graduation through a Pre-K to 12 superhighway that cultivates critical thinkers and leaders.

Position Summary:

The University of Chicago Charter School Network School Nurse provides health care services to students in an elementary and secondary school setting. Plans school health program, in conjunction with medical authorities and school leaders. Provides medical examinations and reviews findings to evaluate health status of the student and progress of the program. Instructs classes on subjects such as medication administration, first aid, common child illnesses, health and wellness, and establishes nursing policies to meet emergencies. Collaborates with social workers, teachers, and school leaders in identifying and meeting social, emotional, and physical needs of students, using the protocols of the University of Chicago Charter School’s academic and social support system protocols. Provides first-aid and maintains health records of students. Full-time or part-time opportunity available.

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

Maintain state-mandated health records for students to include, immunizations and health information

Coordinates hearing and vision screenings: process referrals and ensure follow-ups relative to vision and
hearing deficiencies

Participate in staff development programs for improved nursing services to student

Maintain adequate first aid supplies in individual school clinics

Comply with and assist in upholding state, district, and school policies and Administrative regulations

Prepare reports and provide information needed by local, county, and state health officials

Secure and maintain parental authorization records for health care services and release of health information

Maintain a safe, clean, and orderly work area

Establish safe systems of medication administration and communicable disease containment

Develop an effective system for the acquisition, maintenance, and use of supplies and equipment for
the school health facility

Present for students a positive role model that supports the mission of the school

Maintain a positive and effective relationship with colleagues, parents and the community

Assess and respond to needs related to the responsibility of being a school nurse and the requirements
of all individual education plans (IEPs)

Provide relevant counseling and guidance to students and parents so they may assume responsibility
for maintenance of student health

Administer first aid for serious emergencies with the appropriate follow-up

Supervise and assist students with acute and chronic illnesses/injuries

Demonstrate behavior that is professional, ethical, and responsible

Work as a member of the school staff within the framework of the school health program to provide for
the health needs of all the students

Serve as health consultant and resource person to students, parents, and school personnel

Report any pertinent information to the campus leadership team and DCFS Abuse hot-line in cases of
child endangerment, neglect, or abuse

The Network School Nurse may be assigned special duties regarding providing safeguards for the protection of UCCS students and staff from COVID 19, and for caring for staff and students who may become ill with the COVID 19 virus, or related concerns, while at school.


Candidate must have a bachelor’s degree and Professional Educator Licensure (PEL) in School Nursing under the guidelines of Illinois State Board of Education

Ability to formulate procedures for general health, vision, and hearing screenings for students required

Strong records management and computer skills are essential

Must be CPR/AED certified

Two years of nursing experience is required

Previous nursing experience in a school environment or working with children and youth is preferred

Ability to communicate effectively (oral and written); interpret policy, procedures, and data; coordinate nursing functions; and maintain emotional control under
emergencies and high priority tasks.

For more information or to apply to this open position, please visit the UChicago Charter School website at