Computer Science Teacher

Posted on: November 25, 2019 | |

Moving Everest Charter School opened its doors in August 2015 with 176 students enrolled in kindergarten and first grade in a newly constructed school building in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago. As our classes move up a grade each summer, we add a new class of kindergartners each fall. This year, we have almost 540 students in grades K-5 and we will continue to grow a grade a year through grade 8 (810 students). Our middle school addition is currently under construction and will house grades 6,7,8 starting next fall.

We have already started a coding program but we want more…. we want to establish an engaging, empowering computer science program K-8 at Moving Everest Charter School. Thankfully, Brooke Charter School ( has already done that. They have set the standard for what a comprehensive, engaging, high impact computer science program looks like. We want you to essentially teach their program at our school – Moving Everest Charter School. Brooke has gone to the incredibly generous lengths of sharing most of their computer science program on their website for others to see and use ( You will use this as your map for creating and leading a computer science program at Moving Everest.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

Curriculum & Instruction
• Create and monitor the curriculum, scope and sequence for K-8 computer science program and classes
• Teach for 25% of the day
• Collaborate with, support and coach one additional technology teacher
• Lesson plan for K-8 computer science classes with additional technology teacher
• Gradebook and assessment maintenance for K-8 computer science program
• Demonstrate solid knowledge and understanding of the content matter.
• Establish, communicate, and demand high expectations for student learning and quality of work. Take responsibility for student learning.
• Use a multitude of instructional strategies and activities that are academically rigorous and highly engaging.
• Execute detailed lesson plans mapped to a year-long academic plan largely as established by Brooke Charter School.
• Consistently send the message that the students are capable of succeeding at this work.

• Relentless work ethic and unwavering positive attitude.
• Unshakable belief that all students have what it takes to be successful.
• Willingness to commit the time and effort necessary to ensure student and school success.
• Independently assuming additional responsibilities when necessary and demonstrating leadership over the computer science program.
• Occasionally leading professional development sessions.
• Other duties that may be necessary to fulfill the mission of the school.