Dean of Culture 2019-2020 School Year

Posted on: June 5, 2019 |

Dean of Culture

Job Type: Full Time  Start Date: Summer 2019     Location: Chicago

Do you want to help design the school of the future? Do you believe each child has different learning needs at different times, and each child can and must be personally invested in their own learning? That children should set ambitious goals, aligned to their unique passions and interests, and schools should support them in achieving their personal goals? Do you believe in the power of community? Come join us as we work to revolutionize public education by flexing time, space, and people to increase student outcomes and improve students’ life trajectories.

About Intrinsic

Intrinsic is a 7th – 12th grade charter school currently serving 1,000 students. Our Belmont Campus opened in 2013, and has earned a Level 1+ Rating (the highest rating on the Chicago Public Schools School Quality Rating Policy) for the past four years. We are deeply committed to the postsecondary success of our students and to improving education at scale in our city and beyond.

Over the past five years, we have developed an innovative, personalized learning model that is yielding strong student outcomes and is coveted by families. At Intrinsic, personalization and independence is achieved via a holistic, 1:1 application of technology to empower team-teaching in flexible, data-driven classrooms—called “pods”—in which upwards of 60 students rotate from independent work, to instruction, to collaboration and project-based learning. As we look to the next five years, we are committed to continuing to iterate, deepen, and improve our learning model to ensure we are supporting all students to achieve their goals.

About the Opportunity

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

School Culture & Discipline

Ensures the consistent and fair administration of school policies regarding student conduct and discipline

Creates proactive family communication plans and student celebrations

Models strong staff and student culture

Collaborates with Leadership Team to create and present formal reports on school culture, safety, and school operations

Collaborates with culture team to complete community walk-throughs

Collaborates with culture team and Leadership Team to review and monitor school culture data

Supervises entry, lunch, dismissal, and transitions

Prepares weekly detention reports and distributes to students

Attends and manages weekly detention and 3 for 1 detention events

Supports weekly detention and optional detention sessions

Completes all suspension paperwork in Illuminate

Facilitates re-entry meetings after suspensions

Updates all behavior data in Illuminate, including demerit and detention corrections, Clean Weeks, and suspension notices

Monitors middle school support structures such as office hours/study hall; runs daily study hall report

Assists with classroom removals, bathroom escorts, and early dismissal escorts

Informs parents/guardians of disciplinary status via weekly call list; meets with parents/guardians as necessary to develop a plan for success

Assists parents/guardians with any disciplinary concerns

Plans and teaches summer school behavior class

Collaborates with school social worker and special education teachers to execute individualized behavior intervention plans when needed

Assists with community meetings to build school culture

Collaborates closely with Leadership Team, Social Worker, and Case Manager

Who You Are

You believe we must challenge the traditional notions of school to ensure all students receive the education they deserve and need to be successful in college and beyond.


Strong instructional background preferred – minimum of 3 years teaching experience

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

Experience leading teams to meet common goals

Team player with strong interpersonal/influence skills

Excellent organization and project management skills; ability to implement programs, manage details, and work independently; ability to develop, revise, and implement procedures and systems; and ability to manage multiple projects and set priorities accordingly

Strong judgment and decision-making skills

Ability to effectively interpret student/school data, including but not limited to academic, attendance, discipline and survey data, and identify areas strength, need and growth

Strong and demonstrated commitment to advancing equity and justice in education and beyond

Advanced knowledge of the G Suite

Bachelor’s degree

Equal Opportunity Employer

Intrinsic Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Intrinsic Schools ensures equal employment opportunities regardless of race, creed, gender, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability. Intrinsic Schools has a policy of active recruitment of qualified minority teachers and non-certified employees. Any individual needing assistance in making application for any opening should contact the Department of Human Resources.

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