Dean of Culture

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Dean of Culture
Great Lakes Academy is a K-8 charter school that opened in 2014. For the 2020-21 academic year we are serving students in grades K-7 and will continue to add a grade level annually to reach K-8. We are currently seeking a high capacity, enthusiastic, hard-working, growth-minded individual to serve on our team as our Dean of Culture.
Job Description
The Dean of Culture works closely with the Instructional Leadership Team to establish and maintain a fiercely positive, warm/strict school culture of high expectations that focuses on academic achievement, social emotional growth, student success.
Job Outputs
Supports teachers in administering a fiercely positive behavioral system in classrooms and ensures they are clear, consistent and drive 100% of students to be on-task and enjoying learning
Creates and maintains daily, weekly, and monthly positive rewards and incentives for students that demonstrate staff and student buy-in
Student turnover is under 85% + driven by geography
Creates and coordinates a strong parent volunteer system that includes a variety of parent involvement from field trips to classroom volunteering
Creates staff-wide professional development programming to lead teachers in effective positive classroom management and student relationship building that is reflected in lowered reflection room referrals
Creates, coordinates and maintains annual special events programming at the grade level and whole-school level that has at least a monthly event
Supports driving a positive staff culture that is reflected as average staff ratings of 8+ for job satisfaction on quarterly surveys
Maintains a clear, consistent, calm reflection room that helps build social/emotional skills in students and re-sets them to return to class quickly, ready to learn and participate.
Oversees a steady decline in student referrals and student misbehavior throughout the year
Creates strong family connections and communication channels
Maintains clear data and student records for PBIS and Student Discipline

Job Responsibilities
Facilitates positive staff culture and team bonding through activities, events, recognition, swag & staff rituals and builds structures and tracking systems for a fiercely positive, values-driven staff culture
Coordinates GLA Power Parents monthly meetings, Parent Workshops, and Parent Volunteer initiatives
Maintains all hallway, office and non-classroom bulletin boards to reflect school values and student work
Maintains and constantly improves weekly Community Celebrations and in-class Morning Meetings that align with school-wide initiatives, academics, and core values and culture pushes
Coordinates enrichment programming including field trips, assemblies, and annual events
Creates a system for, and conducts, school culture audits on a quarterly basis, and develops plans to address any deficits in staff or student culture
Handles all student discipline and all out-of-classroom referrals.
Creates positive systems and programming for school-wide initiatives for attendance, student leadership, etc.
Coordinates GLA events for families such as GLA Open Houses, Enrollment Day, etc.
Assists with classroom management training of teachers through co-teaching and modeling
Assists with Enrollment via Community Outreach
Flex Teaching when needed
Handles re-set room discipline and follow-up with students. Coaches and re-sets students who arrive in the re-set room such that they are ready to learn and contribute to the engagement upon return to the classroom.
Works with the administrative team to implement and maintain every detail of the school’s student systems and procedures, including PBIS, discipline, transitions, homework, community celebrations, breakfast, lunch, hallway behavior, and classroom culture so that GLA is structured and highly joyful with a focus on growth and character development
Works with members of the staff to create and maintain positive incentive systems, as well as fair, non-punitive consequence systems
Maintains an organized system for tracking school culture, including attendance, behavior, and homework data, and monitors, analyzes and defines clear action plans based on this data.
Handles in-school disciplinary action, such as ISS, and coordinates any out-of-school actions, such as suspensions, including clear systems for re-integrating students into the learning environment
Inputs and maintains appropriate data in an accurate and timely fashion
Collects and Analyzes campus cultural data and to determine key steps for campus ecosystem
Assists in Tier 1 – Tier 3 student behavioral supports
Coordinates all Student Sunshine Plans across school

Experienced educator with track record of student success in the classroom and particularly around classroom culture building
Strong communicator and relationship builder with adults, including peers and student families
Able to communicate with and work with both instructional and operational teams
Creative and innovative; able to take ideas from seed to fruition
Demonstrated leadership skills – highly organized and efficient, self-motivated
Job Requirements
Bachelor’s degree is required.
Minimum of two years teaching experience in an urban public school or urban charter school setting required.
Valid State Certification is helpful but not required.
Belief in and alignment with Great Lakes Academy’s core beliefs and educational philosophy is non-negotiable.
Culture Fit- Do these words describe you?
Fiercely positive, Sense of Humor, Hard-working, Intelligent, High Emotional IQ, Organized, Humble, Self-reflective, Self-directed, Goal-oriented, Enthusiastic, Friendly.
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As an equal opportunity employer, Great Lakes Academy hires without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, disability, or any other category protected by applicable law.