Director of Curriculum & Instruction

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Supervises: Teachers & Instructional Coaching Staff
Role and Responsibility of Job: Manage and Supervise the Teaching and Learning Support Team to foster professional learning communities using data teams, classroom walk-through, peer observation, and action research. Supervise teachers in developing, testing, and implementing research based instructional strategies that will increase student achievement. Use, analyze, and reflect on formative assessment data to improve teaching and learning.


Instructional Management

Serve as a content supervisor to assist in the development and implementation of school instructional plans that align to school-wide goals and curriculum.
Design and provide professional development focused on improving alignment and delivery of the written, taught and tested curriculum to increase student success and close performance gaps.
Analyze and manage student data, diagnose instructional needs and identify research-based instructional strategies to close achievement gaps.
Provide job-embedded professional development for teachers and instructional coaching staff through co-teaching or modeling engaging, standards-based teaching as needed.
Supervise, review and develop aligned curriculum components including assessments.
Supervise and provide individual and/or group instructional coaching and mentoring to teachers and instructional coaching staff to improve classroom instruction for all learners.
Manage teacher observations and/or walkthroughs and provide feedback that facilitates teacher reflection and growth.
Supervise team and/or grade level teachers in planning standards-based lessons and assessments aligned to the school’s curriculum.
Manage and distribute instructional resources to teachers and provide training on the use of those resources.
Encourage and support the implementation of technology and innovative strategies in the classroom

School Wide Professional Development

Create and implement a calendar for school wide professional development (PD) that is directly related to school improvement plans.
Facilitate and coordinate PD activities by presenting directly to staff or scheduling individuals to present activities to staff or individuals as needed.
Coordinate activities and scheduling of school trained staff in targeted PD.
Coordinate school wide efforts in creating a common system of classroom walkthroughs.

Data Teams

Supervise data team meetings through scheduling and creation of necessary documents such as agendas, minutes, and necessary data.
Promote the utilization of action research, common formative assessments, and summative assessments to adjust classroom instruction.
Manage and adjust individual student achievement based on progress monitoring of data.
Data analysis around literacy, math and science instruction. The instructional coach will gather and provide staff with the school data (formative assessment, NWEA, etc.) and assist them with its analysis and interpretation.

Administrative Support

Attend district, state, and national level training and provide campus level professional development in school-wide initiatives.
Provide ongoing feedback to Principal to be used in the teacher evaluation process.
Assist with the school’s strategic plan and formulation of the SIP.
Manage the development, monitoring and implementation of teacher intervention plans.
Assist the implementation and monitoring of school initiatives.
Manage the collection, analysis and response to school data.
Facilitate school meetings/trainings as assigned.
Serve as a member of the school’s leadership team.

Education: Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred.
Specialized Knowledge, Licenses, etc: Illinois teaching certification.
Experience: Minimum of three years recent classroom teaching experience. Proficiency with Jackson Charter School’s curriculum and instructional software. Minimum of one year of school leadership experience.
Specific Training/Skills:
General knowledge of all curriculum areas
Specific knowledge of assigned content area(s) and state assessments
Specific knowledge of assessment and lesson design