Director of Portfolio Performance

Posted on: July 5, 2018 |

The Director of Portfolio Performance will monitor charter school performance outcomes across all domains – academic, fiscal, and organizational to ensure Commission-authorized charter schools are employing best practices to exceed, meet and trending toward Commission accountability standards.

The Director must be an independent and critical thinker with significant experience in a K -12 education setting and a strong desire to support high-quality charter school authorizer practices. The ideal candidate has a minimum of five years’ experience as teacher-leader and/or administrator. Prior experience in a charter school and/or with a charter authorizing office is preferred. This position reports directly to the General Counsel/Managing Director.


• Serve as the lead academic/content expert for accountability and evaluative processes for the Commission’s portfolio of nine (9) charter schools
• Coordinate comprehensive evaluation of charter school Appeals, Annual Reviews & Renewals and ensure adherence to best practices and Commission standards
• Monitor and assess statewide charter school and school district data to identify trends and anticipate charter growth.
• Develop and build relationships with school leaders, instructional leadership teams, and school-based academic partners
• Support development and monitor implementation of strategic action plans school-wide and classroom levels
• Conduct research and engage school leadership with effective leadership practices and strategies to build capacity
• Collect and perform data analysis, and produce reports related to Appeals, Annual Reviews, Renewals and other authorizer functions.
• Identify and track progress, successes, challenges, barriers, and support needs of Commission schools.
• Prepare regular reports and updates on school progress for Commission staff, and as needed for Commission Committees.
• Develop and facilitate special projects (e.g., Special Education Cooperative)
• Manage and support external expert evaluators and consultants
• Develop and manage content and plans for quarterly Commission Collaborative Sessions
• Conduct and facilitate school site visits, focus groups, interviews, and meetings as needed.
• Attend Commission meetings and support logistics


• Unwavering belief that every student, in every circumstance, can achieve the highest levels of academic excellence;
• Bachelor’s degree in education or related field; Master’s or advanced degree strongly preferred; full-time work experience in an educational setting may be considered as equivalent;
• Minimum of five years’ experience in K-12 setting, teaching experience required, and leadership experience preferred;
• Demonstrated knowledge of and experience in the charter school sector is strongly preferred;
• Ability to write clear and comprehensive reports and other documents;
• Ability to interpret complex written material and solve complex problems logically and systematically;
• Ability to analyze multiple data points to evaluate student learning and academic performance;
• Capacity to develop monitoring tools and processes;
• Knowledge of education-related laws, rules, regulations and policies;
• Knowledge of technology applications and integration in K-12 and professional development settings;
• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with charter schools and government agency staff;
• Strong organizational, communication and presentation skills;
• Ability to take initiative and work both independently and collaboratively; friendly, cheerful attitude, and willingness to work with a diverse set of stakeholders including but not limited to Commissioners, consultants, and school personnel;
• Familiarity with legislative bodies and the media is an asset;
• Solutions-oriented – consistently proposes solutions to identified problems and a forward plan of action;
• Constant learner who demonstrates respect and humility – consistently solicits and acts on feedback to improve knowledge and performance; recognizes what others bring to the table and listens to diverse perspectives;
• A high-energy team player, motivated by the opportunity to help lead an entrepreneurial endeavor primarily through collaborative planning and problem-solving;
• Ability to adhere to a regular schedule with Commission staff (although work can be done remotely, some evening hours will be required).

Compensation will be commensurate with experience. This is a full-time position with medical, dental, vision, life and retirement benefits.