High School Director (Principal) – 2022/2023 School Year

Posted on: March 17, 2022

Campus Overview:

The Woodlawn Campus of the University of Chicago Charter School (UCW) opened in September of 2006. It is an attendance boundary charter lottery admission school serving primarily the Woodlawn Community of Chicago. Admission is guaranteed for any graduate of the UChicago Woodlawn Middle School. It has a three part mission: 1) to create students with agency to change the world for the betterment of themselves and others; 2) to provide a high quality college preparatory education that culminates in college acceptance and enrollment; and 3) foster a climate of innovation for students, teachers, and community members. Woodlawn High School educates students in grades 9th-12th.

In January 2017, UCW opened a new building at 6300 South University which serves both the High School, with approximately 400 students, and the Middle School, with approximately 250 students in grades 6 through 8. A Head of Campus leads the Woodlawn Campus as a whole. Both the High School and the Middle School are led by their own Directors.

About UChicago Charter School:

UChicago Charter School is one the oldest charter networks in the city, founded in 1998. Comprised of three campuses, UChicago Charter services students in grades prek-12th grade. The Woodlawn Campus serves grades 6 through 12 and the Donoghue and NKO campuses serve students grades Pre-K through 5th. UChicago Charter School is a part of the Urban Education Institute, which also houses the UChicago Consortium on School Research, UChicago IMPACT, and Urban Teacher Education Program. UEI represents the unique combination of impactful research and effective practice throughout Chicago and the nation. Within the University, UEI reports to the Dean of the Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice. All campuses are in good standing per the current School Quality and Rating policy for the Chicago Public Schools.

Network Mission:

The University of Chicago Charter School prepares 100% of students for college acceptance and graduation through a PreK to 12 superhighway which cultivates Culturally Aware critical thinkers and leaders. UChicago Charter is led by a Chief Executive Officer. The Head of Campus of the Woodlawn Campus reports to the CEO. The Directors of the Middle and the High School report to the CEO and the Head of Campus.

Position Summary:

Full-time, salaried administrative position leading the high school campus of the University of Chicago Woodlawn School. As the instructional leader, responsibilities will include: 1) recruitment and retention of high quality instructors; 2) ability to analyze data and collaboratively develop strategies to address growth areas; 3) development of a strong instruction core focused on college preparation; 4) strategic framework to maximize student outcomes on PSAT,SAT, advanced placement, and dual enrollment; 5) coordination of academic and social/emotional supports to promote student success with multi-tiered support; 6) development and facilitation of staff professional development that creates an environment for pedagogical improvement; 7) foster strategic partnerships designed to provide additional opportunities for students; 8) supervise school operations including budget development and procurement; and 9) strategic planning and engagement with the University of Chicago Charter Advisory Council and Board of Directors.

High School Director (Principal) Duties and Responsibilities:

1) Lead the continuous development and improved implementation of a rigorous college preparatory curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards

2) Recruit, hire, evaluate and support a staff capable of fulfilling the school’s mission

3) Oversee professional development activities that enhance the professional practices of teachers, staff, and administration

4) Create a campus climate and student culture for students and staff conducive to the realization of its mission

5) Lead an instructional leadership team that uses data to plan and support continuous improvements in instruction and academic and social supports for students

6) Plan, model, support, and sustain the development of instructional leadership among teachers

7) Create strategic plans, processes, and structures for teachers to collaborate in continuous school-wide instructional improvement

8) Foster and create a culture that can deploy restorative justice and anti-suspension techniques

9) Create and foster an inclusive environment for diverse learners where UCCS enforces least restrictive environment practices

10) Develop strategies to decrease the gender gap that can serve as a model for other schools

11) Ensure the integration of targeted academic and social supports during the academic day, the extended day and week, and the fall, spring, and summer intersessions

12) Collaborate with parents, teachers, and community members in the work of a Parent/Teacher/Community Organization that advises and supports the school in fulfilling its mission

13) Create opportunities for family and community engagement in the school to support student development and achievement

14) Seek partnerships with individuals and organizations that will enrich and enhance students’ growth as learners and as human beings

15) Communicate with the Executive Leadership and Advisory Council and Board of Directors of the Charter School, Chicago Public Schools (CPS), Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), the University of Chicago, parents, and other stakeholders regarding the High School’s vision, progress, and needs

16) Ensure the High School’s accountability to the Executive Leadership and Advisory Council and the Board of Directors of the Charter School

17) Work with the Woodlawn Head of Campus to:

1. Support all school operations, facilities, purchasing, security, food services in a manner that supports student learning and takes advantage of support and guidance from the Charter School, working with an Operations Manager

2. Engage in sound budget management and financial planning and monitoring that supports student learning and adheres to Charter School policies and procedures

18) Collaborate with other campus directors of the University of Chicago Charter School to provide a seamless educational pathway for students from prekindergarten through high school graduation and to establish and implement cross-campus norms of ambitious intellectual work for all students, effective teaching, teacher development, and evidence-based decision making.

19) Set and meet annual self-identified goals for professional growth


∙ Minimum of 5 years of teaching at the High School level
∙ Bachelor’s Degree required; Masters or other higher degree in education-related subject preferred
∙ Experience as a Principal or Assistant Principal at the High School or Middle School level for 2 to 3 years preferred
∙ Administrative certificate preferred (Type 75 for Illinois)
∙ Understanding of curriculum development aligned to Common Core State Standards
∙ Understanding in developing high quality formative and summative assessment
∙ Understanding of PSAT/SAT continuum & strategies for maximizing student achievement
∙ Deep understanding around fair and equitable grading strategies
∙ High level of ability to engage with others in continued self-reflection and improvement
∙ Practice with the Google suite and basic technical skill use

Application Process:

The applicant will undergo an initial screening and move to a group interview comprised of Woodlawn staff, parents, and Advisory Council members. Applicants who emerge will be interviewed by the Chief Educational Officer followed by an interview by the UChicago Charter School Board of Directors. The process will culminate with a school forum and final decision.


Competitive with salaries in the Chicago area

For more information or to apply to this open position, please visit the University of Chicago Charter School employment website at