High School Humanities/ELA Teacher

Posted on: February 10, 2020 | |

Foundations College Prep is an innovative public charter school on Chicago’s Far South Side, currently hiring to expand our team for the 2019-2020 school year. We believe that the role of the teacher is to empower students to own their learning and to help cultivate innovators, entrepreneurs and community change agents. Teachers at Foundations see themselves as facilitators and coaches and collaborate to personalize learning for their students and know them well as learners.


-A record of high performance: teachers who set and meet ambitious goals for student learning, plan from rigorous standards, and regularly use student data to maximize student growth.
-Culture setters committed to creating a calm, caring, warm/strict classroom culture: teachers who have high expectations for all students and a strong classroom presence, while also recognizing the importance of compassion, of socio-emotional learning in student development, and of often taking a restorative rather than punitive approach to discipline.
-Risk takers, creative problem-solvers, and entrepreneurial leaders: teachers who want to innovate and can fail forward, who are exceptional critical thinkers with a flexible mindset, and who ultimately own the their student results.
-Resilient, driven optimists: teachers who are committed to changing the lives of students, who continuously work to improve their school community, and who believe all students can achieve at the highest levels.


-By design, our school is a diverse and intimate community where every student is known and cared for.
-Every teacher serves as a mentor to a group of students who they coach, counsel through the college process, and advocate for throughout their academic career at Foundations.
-Teachers plan by deeply understanding student data and determining what group and individual supports are needed for their students to move forward on complex projects; integrating content knowledge and habits of success to the application of cognitive skills necessary for college and beyond.
-Our teachers are highly collaborative;they plan and share together as grade level teams, and we embrace the co-teaching(inclusion) model of special education.
-We prioritize developing leaders from within and have invested in multiple career pathways and individualized roles for teachers and leaders.
-We’re focused on results, and know teachers need support to get them. Teachers take part in weekly instructional coaching and professional development to improve their practice.
-There is room to grow and lead at FCP. Want to start a club, sport, a new course, or have a creative idea for making us better? Your talents will be appreciated, and you can make a difference here.


At least 2 years experience teaching required, preferably in underserved communities; resident teacher applicants DO NOT need previous teaching experience
Valid Illinois teaching license required
A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited, four-year university required