High School Instructional Coach

Posted on: July 24, 2019 |


Chicago Tech Academy High School (ChiTech) is an educational community whose mission is to educate, empower and connect a diverse next generation of entrepreneurial thinkers to discover their passions, succeed in college and thrive in a digital world. We believe in utilizing project- based learning to encourage a deeper, connected form of evidence based education. Our teachers support students as they become leaders and life-long learners, through partnerships with the Chicago tech community and by fostering critical thinking and intellectual curiosity in the classroom.
The ChiTech team is searching for creative individuals that are excited to be a part of something different, something special. If you are interested in creating a collaborative learning environment, becoming a learning designer who is focused on supporting students in the way that they learn best, then please apply to join our learning community. students success.

ChiTech’s Core Values:
• Equity: We have an unwavering belief in everyone’s potential
• Collaboration: We are stronger when we work together
• Authenticity: Deeper learning happens both inside and outside the classroom.
• Growth Mindset: Hard work and dedication leads to continuous learning.

Position Overview:
The role of the Instructional Coach at Chicago Tech Academy High School (ChiTech) is to provide comprehensive support to teachers focused on all areas of the Danielson Framework. The ChiTech Instructional Coach supports teachers in developing, and executing professional growth plans aligned to personal and school goals. They will support teachers in planning engaging lessons for students by utilizing a combination of traditional best practices and project-based learning. The Instructional Coach will support teachers in Incorporating real-world application and purpose into daily lessons. The ChiTech Instructional Coach will also support teachers in creating robust curriculum maps that utilize open source resources, engaging technology programs, and traditional curriculum resources.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Build a strong trusting relationships with all students and teachers throughout the ChiTech Community
• Demonstrate a sensitivity to and respect for a diverse student and teacher population (ethnicity, gender, culture, “ability,” etc.)
• Collaborate with colleagues on project design and curriculum mapping
• Creativity with the use of instructional resources (Open Source, Research Based, Digital Programs)
• Implementation of the ChiTech Coaching Model and a dedicated feedback cycle in combination with the Danielson Framework
• Support teachers in implementing restorative practices within the classroom, and larger school environment
• Participate in, and collaborate in providing professional development
• Support teachers in personalizing instruction to meet the varied needs of our students
• Support teachers in communicating with students, as well as parents/guardians about progress toward goals
• Strive to be the best educational professional they can be.
• Demonstrate passion for and commitment to your personal educational mission, and the mission and success of Chicago Tech Academy
• Hold a solution oriented outlook

Minimum Requirements:
• 5+ Years of High School (or relevant) teaching experience
• Proven track record of student success as a classroom teacher
• Candidates must have an Illinois teaching credential and relevant subject endorsement.
• Familiarity with project-based learning and utilizing available instructional technology in a classroom setting.