High School Special Education Teacher for Immediate Hire

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Diverse Learners Teacher

Inspiring Diverse Learners (Special Education) teacher wanted. Ace Amandla Charter High School invites energetic and committed educators to apply to the position of Diverse Learners Teacher. We are looking for individuals who possess outstanding instructional and analytical skills and who are collaborative, creative, and willing to give 100% to co-create a school that is truly unique and transformational for students.
About Us
ACE Amandla Charter High School is a new school on the south side of Chicago that seeks exceptional Diverse Learners teachers to join our staff! We are a safe and welcoming environment that provides a sense of belonging to all students. We offer a college preparatory curriculum that emphasizes career readiness in architecture, construction, and engineering.
Although our Diverse Learners teacher is likely to see him/herself in the following examples, these are not requirements. They provide a vision for what we want to be true for our students. Our student vision is designed to help you determine if this opportunity aligns with your own passion and purpose.
Professionalism for 21st Century Careers: Architecture, Construction and Engineering careers, and success beyond high school, demand many technical and professional skills that are broadly applicable across sectors. Our students embody this professional skill set with their clear communication, ability to collaborate, attention to detail, research and strategic planning, and critical problem solving that will ensure their success in an ever-changing economy.
Social Responsibility: Righting injustices requires a moral compass from empowered people. Our students are those people. They understand the broader impact of their actions and take personal responsibility to actively participate in the change they want to see in their communities
Learning through Experience and Empathy: The world is diverse and full of new and exciting experiences. Students’ exposure to these experiences inform their decisions and the lens with which they approach the world. Our students have the resilience, discipline, self-awareness, and self-advocacy to continually redefine what is possible for themselves and rise to surpass their own expectations.
Academic Preparedness for Postsecondary Success: Our students are fully prepared for the further learning opportunities they choose to pursue after high school. Whether their skills take them to and through college, into ACE careers, or down a different path for postsecondary success, their academic foundations open doors and broaden their options.
Ace Amandla Charter High School seek applicants who deeply believe in the vision of the school, have a love for their content, and an unwavering belief that all students can and will succeed. Specifically, we seek candidates that embody the following characteristics:
Professional Pride: These are teachers who teach with passion. Model for students the hard work, dedication, and daily reflection necessary for constant growth and improvement.
Planning for Active Student Engagement: These teachers prepare lesson materials and methods that put students’ thinking front and center and require their full and active participation throughout the learning process.
Building a Safe, Structured Environment: These teachers foster positive, productive connections across all members of the classroom community to make it safe and easy to engage in the hard work of learning.

Bachelor’s degree or higher
Proven track record of success as a teacher
Illinois certification with the applicable LBS1 subject area endorsement

Application Procedure: Submit your cover letter and resume.
Selection Procedure: Applicants will be screened initially based upon resume and cover letter, then invited to participate in an interview event, which will include a 20-minute sample lesson. Finalists will then submit to a background check and fingerprinting.