High School Teacher (Multiple Positions Available)

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Chicago Tech Academy is hiring for the following teaching positions:

– Math Teacher
– Biology Teacher
– Maternity Leave Spanish Teacher

The role of the ChiTech Teacher is to provide a rigorous and comprehensive academic learning experience for students. The ChiTech teacher develops and executes lessons and projects that are engaging for students through the use of project-based learning. In addition, the ChiTech Teacher has a superior level of classroom management.

Responsibilities of the ChiTech teacher include but are not limited to:

Strive to engage students while maintaining rigor.

Has students making, building, and doing (i.e. projects).
Connects student work to the adult world outside school.
Experiments with a range of teaching strategies.
Has students presenting and talking about their work.
Uses engaging, creative, and appropriate assignments and resources
Assigns homework that has a clear purpose.
Limits use of textbooks and publisher created worksheets.
Rarely shows movies and only does so when there is a sound educational reason.
Develop appropriate relationships with students.

Is friendly without being the student’s friend.
Manages “everyday” discipline issues first in the classroom.
“Kicks it upstairs.” Reports troubling student behavior to administrators.
Work well with colleagues.

Strive to develop an interdisciplinary curriculum across the team.
Is flexible. Is easy to get along with. Is open minded in conversations.
Participates in meetings and staff days.
Does his/her share. (makes an effort to support outside activities; etc.)
Has a positive attitude. Is solution oriented when problems arise.
Strive to teach to the diversity of students in the classroom (ethnicity, gender, culture, “ability,” etc.).

Personalizes instruction.
Supports struggling students and challenges strong students. “First you open the ceiling; then you set the floor.”
Sets the expectation that all students participate in class activities.
Work well with parents.

Provides a thorough syllabus at the beginning of the year and posts it on his/her digital portfolio.
Responds to parents’ questions and concerns.
Encourages parent participation.
Maintains a non-defensive posture.
Writes meaningful, personalized comments.
Act as an advisor for a group of students.

Acts as the primary advocate for the student, both socially and academically.
Completes credit checks for all advisees.
Does a home visit for all new advisees (preferably in the summer before school begins).

Improve as a reflective practitioner.

Follow and enforce school rules.

Arrive on time to meetings, classes, and school.

Education and Experience

Candidates must have an Illinois teaching credential and relevant subject endorsement.
Familiarity with project based learning and teacher leadership experience is helpful but not required.