Instructional Facilitator – Humanities or STEM

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CEP is transforming secondary education through the Civitas Community Impact Experience (CCIE), a new authentic learning experience that challenges and prepares students to impact their communities and the world as problem-solvers, designers, critical-thinkers, and innovators. CCIE is an opportunity for Civitas students, starting with ChicagoQuest to earn high school credit (core academic and/or elective) through a personalized, project-based, community-integrated learning experience. Students use their own interests and passions to take on community, business, or student-pitched projects.

Job Responsibilities:
Leads, designs and facilitates personalized, competency-based learning experiences with a focus on STEM standards
Ensures all students receive high quality instruction aligned to core STEM standards and are supported in the development and implementation of meaningful and challenging 21st Century Learning
Tracks student progress and achievement
Develops fully aligned seminars and assessments
Builds productive, professional relationships with students, community partners and mentors, parents, and staff
Supports all school wide initiatives
Promote the development of productive, collaborative teams; teams will include CCIE colleagues, community partners, and students
Raise awareness around the development of CCIE by collaborating with community and educational partners to publicize their experience in implementing educational innovation, professional practices and learning
In addition, inherent in the position are administrative duties including the responsibilities for project planning, coordination of student movement, program evaluation, financial management, and resource scheduling. This position requires work outside of the normal school day, including some weekends. This position is not part of the Collective Bargaining Unit.

CCIE Core Beliefs:
All people have the ability to accomplish anything and be anything they desire
A growth mindset is required to achieve greatness
Authentic collaboration is critical to the development of a healthy community
All people have the responsibility to advance humanity
Learning is an active process of creating meaning from different experiences
Learners must be provided with as many contextually-rich experiences as possible so they not only develop basic skills, but, more importantly, they can competently use those skills to solve real problems and make new things happen.
Educational options are necessary for every learner to be successful

Job Qualification:
Deep content knowledge in the STEM field.
Demonstrated interest in a love of learning, with a natural curiosity in generally all topics.
Ability to connect multiple disciplines and design learning opportunities to broad topics.
Experience and desire to challenge status quo for the purpose of improving outcomes.
Demonstrated understanding that failure is a vital process for learning.
Ability to publicize practices and accept and incorporate feedback.
Flexibility to maintain focus on the process and a learning-oriented perspective
Demonstrated comfort with ambiguity and continuous improvement
Successful classroom teaching experience, as evidenced by student growth, engagement, and classroom management. A minimum of 5 years experience in teaching and/or leading is preferred.
Working proficiency in and commitment to standards-based practices including alternative student assessment models
Experience using data to inform instruction and to promote student achievement.
Leadership/coaching experience preferred.
Excellent communication skills, written and verbal.
Interest in and ability to engage in team building.
Interest in developing and facilitating professional development for teachers.
Ability to manage time effectively, using solid judgment to prioritize tasks and responsibilities appropriately.