K-5th Grade: Dean of Social Emotional Learning & Culture

Posted on: November 19, 2019 | |

Rowe Elementary is looking for dedicated staff members to be a part of our Rowe family. Applicants will be selected based on alignment to our mission, vision, and values; relevant experience; and demonstration of potential to yield excellent educational outcomes for scholars. The Dean of SEL and Culture guides our scholars to reflect and promote the values of Pride, Success, and Honor. The Dean of SEL and Culture, under the supervision of the Principal and the Assistant Principal, holds a vision for social-emotional learning and a culture of excellence. She/he leads the school in building and maintaining a positive, high standards, achievement oriented school culture where scholars and adults flourish. The Dean of SEL and Culture models how to build strong, mutually respectful relationships with scholars and families and supports teachers to do the same. In addition to serving on the school’s leadership team, the Dean of SEL and Culture coaches a portfolio of teachers and facilitates high impact professional development for staff throughout the school year.