Kindergarten Co-Teacher

Posted on: May 12, 2022

KIPP Chicago has four elementary schools, and all of them staff Kindergarten Co-Teachers: KIPP Ascend Primary, KIPP Academy Chicago Primary, KIPP Bloom Primary, and KIPP One Primary. When you apply for the position, you’ll be considered at all four campuses. It’s possible you will interview at multiple schools and receive multiple offers. The selection process is managed by the Talent Recruiter, so you have a single point of contact and you’ll move through the process simultaneously for all campuses.

We typically begin hiring in December for the following school year. This job posting is intended for that purpose. However, we also have midyear openings from time to time. If you’re looking for an immediate position, you can also apply using this posting and note that in one of the open fields in the application.

Kindergarten Co-Teachers work in a single Kindergarten homeroom supporting a Classroom Teacher. The role is not an assistant teacher role. There is an equal division of work between the Co-Teacher and the Classroom Teacher; both plan and execute equal parts of whole-group and small-group instruction. Typically Kindergarten Co-Teachers are novice teachers, teachers whose experience is in pre-K, or teachers with only one year of experience leading a whole classroom in a formal academic setting. The Classroom Teacher has more prior experience in Kindergarten and is able to provide daily supervision, modeling, and feedback to the Co-Teacher as they develop. Co-Teachers often progress to be Classroom Teachers after one or two years in this role.

KIPP Chicago Schools’ students perform beyond statistical expectations in part because our teachers are exceptional. They have a “whatever it takes” attitude toward their role in students’ success. They are remembered by students and families as inspirational. Our expectations for teachers include, but are not limited to, the following:

A belief that all students can and will be successful at our schools, including students who present challenges

Commit to the demanding task of working with “low income” students and families toward the goal of college graduation

Practice a growth mindset about oneself and all others at the school, including seeking help and engaging in self-reflection in order to constantly refine one’s own teaching

Dependable attendance according to our extended school year and extended school day

Communicate frequently and consistently with students and families, including after school via phone, regarding academics, behavior, logistics, and homework help

Use best practices in alignment with school-wide systems to manage student behavior and create a safe, warm, demanding, and joyful classroom environment

Set specific, ambitious growth targets for all students and identify and leverage all necessary resources to ensure they meet them

Use best practices to backwards plan weekly and daily instruction that is tightly aligned to prescribed unit objectives and student needs as demonstrated by assessment data

Assess students daily, weekly, and at the ends of units and analyze and share assessment data through school-wide systems

Use best practices, including differentiation with instructional technology and other techniques, to execute engaging instruction at a level rigorous for all students

Collaborate throughout each day with grade level and content teams, sharing responsibility for all students at all times

KIPP Chicago Schools teachers are supported in their demanding work by experienced and dedicated leadership and staff who have themselves proven successful in the teaching role. Our leaders maintain consistent school-wide systems and procedures — academic, behavioral, cultural, logistical — designed to permit teachers to do their best work.

Our supports for teachers’ work include, but are not limited to the following:

A recent model of Mac laptop computer

A monthly stipend to support the use of your mobile phone

Common behavioral expectations upheld by all school staff and recorded through our student paycheck system with attached school-wide incentives and disincentives

Principals and assistant principals who are routinely present throughout the building and day

One-on-one meetings with a principal and/or assistant principal once per week to discuss student progress and the teacher’s development

Collaboration with grade-level and content teams four afternoons per week

Two hours of time each week devoted to analyzing student data and planning responsive instruction

A prep period each day, typically 70 – 90 minutes

Frequent in-building professional development from school leadership

A rigorous prepared curriculum in 7th and 8th grade ELA and Math; prepared unit plans and unit assessments for all other grades and subjects, alongside freedom to plan weekly and daily instruction

In-building technology support

Highly efficient and thoughtful scheduling, including for special events like field lessons or testing windows

A team of ambitious, talented staff, every single one committed to our important work

The qualifications for a Kindergarten Co-Teacher are:

Bachelor’s degree (required)

Meet testing requirements of Illinois Charter Law (Test of Academic Proficiency 400 and one content-area test) (required)

Illinois teacher license (strongly preferred)

A cleared CPS Background check.

All KIPP Chicago staff are required to provide documentation of full Covid-19 vaccination by or before 10/15/2021, unless approved for medical or religious exemption. (Updated 8/24/2021).

Additional Information

KIPP Chicago Schools offers a competitive compensation and benefits package:

Salaries based on experience

Competitive rates for medical insurance and short-term disability insurance. Dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, and long-term disability insurance are offered at no cost.

Contributions to the Chicago Teacher’s Pension Fund in accordance with Illinois state law

An additional, optional 403(b) retirement account

Robust professional development


KIPP Chicago is committed to a policy of equal treatments for all individuals applying for employment. KIPP Chicago does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national or ethnic background.