Learning Coach Directors

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The Learning Coach Director position will assist the school in designing, implementing, and promoting school activities that will engage families in their child’s education. This position will also assist in linking families to community resources. The Learning Coach Director will communicate and interact with families through face-to-face meetings, telephone, email, newsletters and the school website to ensure effective communication for stakeholders. The main duty of this position is to ensure that the Chicago Virtual Charter School- A blended learning campus for students in grades k-12, is providing support and engaging families.

The Learning Coach Director will train parents and provide information in order to encourage and support communication with parents/families and the school through;

Essential Functions and Performance Responsibilities:
• Serve as a liaison between the school/s and the parent/families of the school.
• Plan and execute meetings with parents of students
• Attend monthly meetings and in-service training with the Principals and Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications
• Deliver training to the parent community.
• Attend school and community meetings.
• Coordinate parent-led workshops to build community amongst families
• Facilitate the development of the PTO
• Make personal contact with parents to encourage parental engagement.
• Provide information to parents/families in order to improve home-school communication.
• Work with the Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications to prepare progress reports and to disseminate information to parents, district staff and the community.
• Work with principals to investigate complaints from parents/families.
• Assist with registration and enrollment.

• Attend local, regional and state-wide meetings for parent liaisons and/or for parent involvement learning.
• Prepare semi-annual reports on activities.
• Perform related duties as required.

• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with parents, schools, community members and district office personnel.
• Know the community and/or have skills to get to know the community quickly and to have working relationships with members of the community across multiple sectors
• Like people and have strong interpersonal relationship skills
• Be detailed, organized, and timeline in completion of work
• Manage time effectively with little supervision
• Pick up new things easily; flexibility is a must.
• Be a good listener.
• Know how to encourage, lead, and facilitate a group toward a shared goal.
• Be a good problem solver and team player
• Provide mentoring to support the development of new parent leaders
• Be able to resolve conflict effectively
• Excellent skills in speaking, writing, and presentation of information.
• Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office

• Must have at least two years of college with an AA degree. Bachelor’s degree preferred
• At least three years of working with parents/families and community members.

Any other additional experience and/or licenses, i.e., social work, counseling will be viewed as value-added to the position.

• 30-35 hours per week
• Grant funded position

Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provision of the Board’s Policy
The Chicago Virtual Charter School is an Equal Opportunity Employer.