Manager of Data and Education Technology Development

Posted on: August 7, 2019

The Manager of Data and Education Technology Development will lead the management, analysis, and communication of student achievement data. In collaboration with the Teaching & Learning Team, the manager will create, implement, and refine education technology that supports principals and teachers in applying evidence-based instructional practices and data-driven instruction. He/She will maintain the student assessment database, ensuring the integrity of data and accuracy in reporting results. This position reports to the Assistant Director of Teaching & Learning.

1. Data Management
2. Data mining and data representation
3. Student achievement data analysis and communication, including school data chats in tandem with the Assistant Director of Teaching & Learning
4. Student assessment database management
5. Curriculum standards database management
6. Fulfilling all student assessment data requests
7. Compile, upload, and maintain MAP class rosters
8. Provide on-site support (e.g. office hours) and do check-ins with Schools and School Leaders

Education Technology Development
1. LEARN DDIET design and refinement
2. Creation and refinement of Google Classrooms E-assessments
3. Develop and pilot the PowerSchool Assessment Module in tandem with the Applications Support Specialist
4. Creation and maintenance of High School Placement dashboard and tracking system
5. Creation and updating of Principals’ dashboard
6. Creation and maintenance of Teaching and Learning website
7. Refinement of the Frontline teacher coaching and evaluation system
8. Upload and maintenance of teacher accounts in Frontline

Professional Development
1. LEARN DDIET training for new teachers and leaders
2. MAP training for new teachers
3. Frontline training for leaders and teachers
4. Google Tools training for teachers (Google Classroom, E-Assessments, General Google for Education, Research Databases)
5. Lead out in DDI Trainings and Summer Professional Development sessions as needed
6. Professional development logistical support
7. Other duties as defined by supervisor