Managing Director of Program

Posted on: May 24, 2022

Position and Organization Overview

Accelerate Institute is seeking an experienced Managing Director of Program. This is a new position at Accelerate Institute reporting to the Chief Academic Officer (Dr. Catherine Burns). The Managing Director of Program’s primary role will be to maintain and improve outcomes for Accelerate Institute’s core programs: the Chicago Growth Accelerator and Leadership Academy. The MD, Program will accomplish this through effective management and coaching of a team of three Advisors to ensure their team has the skills and resources to meet annual growth and achievement goals for program participants.

The Growth Accelerator is a three-year program for sitting principals and includes a portfolio of 20-30 schools each year. This program is a regional program based in Chicago, Illinois; as such, the MD, Program will need to live in the Chicago area.

The Leadership Academy is a national program for school leaders at all levels which takes place in a virtual classroom. There are currently three tracks for the Leadership Academy: Institute (6-day program), Plus (1-year program), and Bridge (1-year program); on average there are about 35-50 Leadership Academy participants each year.

As Accelerate Institute continues to grow and expand its programming options this individual will play a critical role in building the capacity of our Advisory team, creating strong content for program participants, and ensuring schools/leaders meet their individual growth targets. In doing this, the MD, Program will directly support Accelerate Institute’s goal to disrupt the status quo and train school leaders to systematically transform schools into healthy, safe environments that are culturally relevant and centered on student learning outcomes.

In the first six months, the MD, Program will work closely with the Chief Academic Officer and members of the Curriculum and Assessment team to welcome our 2022 Growth Accelerator and Leadership Academy cohorts. They will also collaborate with the Senior Director of Professional Learning to develop high-quality content for program participants and spend time coaching shoulder-to-shoulder with their team in traditional district and public charter schools in Chicago.
About Accelerate Institute

Founded in 1991, Accelerate Institute’s mission is to enable every child, regardless of their zip code, to reach their full potential. We partner to create high-performing schools by dramatically accelerating student achievement. Through the Growth Accelerator, Principal Fellowship, and Leadership Academy programs, we draw on the leadership model used to achieve success at our nationally-recognized school, Alain Locke Charter School.

Accelerate Institute has trained more than 150 school leaders who are currently working in more than 20 cities across the United States. Our work is grounded in Accelerate Institute’s core values:

Students First: We make decisions in which student achievement and well-being are prioritized while honoring individual student experiences.
Absolute Excellence: We bring our best work, are productive, are present, and get accelerated results.
Synergy: Our interactions and cooperation produce a combined effect greater than the sum of the separate effects.
Equity and Inclusion: We value all dimensions of diversity and seek to model the fairness and justice that we want to see in the world.
Gratitude: The work is hard. In that we find joy and are thankful to each other and show appreciation for all stakeholders.

Accelerate Institute is located in Chicago, Illinois.
Position Responsibilities

Top priorities for the Managing Director of Program are:

Manage programming for the Growth Accelerator and Leadership Academy programs: Programming includes: whole group professional development sessions, one-to-one Advisory support, strategic planning support, data systems development, and school/participant assessment cycles
Build coaching capacity and strength of the Accelerate Institute Advisory Team: Provide coaching and management support to a team of three experienced Advisors to meet annual goals for participants which include academic outcomes, successful implementation of Accelerate Institute systems, and growth on the Accelerate Framework and Transformational Leadership Building Blocks
Oversee content delivery for the Growth Accelerator and Leadership Academy programs: Collaborate with the Senior Director of Professional Learning to develop program content that is highly effective and created through an equity lens to ensure content is culturally responsive and meets the needs of our school leaders and their students

Required qualifications and Skills

Minimum of 2 years of experience as a principal in an urban, K-12 public school (traditional district or charter) with a student population that is predominantly BIPOC and low-income
Experience designing professional development for school leaders (principals, assistant principals, etc.)
Expert coach who can effectively execute coaching and feedback loops for team members; experience developing other coaches and school principals is highly preferred
Exceptional interpersonal and relationship building skills
Record of success as a principal, based in your instructional expertise as well as your ability to design a highly effective schoolwide strategic plan, prioritize team goals, develop a healthy adult culture, create a safe and equitable school culture for students, use data to drive decision making and instruction, and achieve academic outcomes
Works through complex problems by breaking down the problem to identify the root cause and then creating an action plan to address the problem that is strategic, well-communicated, and focused on achieving outcomes/goals
Flexible, able to pivot to meet the current needs of the team
A strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion; educational equity; and the mission of Accelerate Institute


Salary range: $120,000-$150,000

Accelerate Institute offers a full benefits package which includes: health and dental insurance; 15 days of vacation; 9 paid holidays with paid days off between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays; a paid floating holiday; paid sick and personal leave; paid parental leave; retirement plan options; long-term disability coverage; and basic life and personal accident insurance.

This role is based in Chicago, Illinois. Accelerate Institute will cover relocation costs up to $3,000.
To Apply

The application can be found here:

Please be prepared to submit the following:

Resume that clearly articulates your qualifications to the required skill sets defined above
Cover letter describing your skills, interest, and passion in creating equal access to education for all children through talent recruitment

For more information on Accelerate Institute, go to
Our Commitment to Diversity

Accelerate Institute’s vision is that one day all children will thrive in schools that graduate them prepared for the rigors of college/career and a life filled with meaningful work, active citizenship, and personal fulfillment. We recognize that our vision cannot be fulfilled without actively challenging racism and white supremacy; our vision cannot be fulfilled without actively defending the lives of People of Color. Accelerate Institute is committed to being an anti-racist organization. As such, in 2019, we partnered with SF-CESS to launch internal DEI programming which includes monthly all-staff iGroup meetings. You can read more about our DEI journey in our Equity Stance.

Accelerate Institute embraces creating and nurturing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive space for all team members. Having a diverse organization aligns with our commitment to an equal opportunity workplace. We celebrate equal employment opportunities regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity, Veteran status, or other legally protected status. We are also ready to accommodate physically challenged or special needs individuals who require any special assistance. Accelerate Institute is proud of our history of diversity and is a strong supporter of the communities where we work.