Math Instructional Coach and Interventionist

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Great Lakes Academy Math Instructional Coach and Interventionist

Great Lakes Academy is a high-performing, single-site charter school located in South Chicago. Our mission is to prepare all of our students with the fundamental academic skills, critical thinking ability, and strength of character to excel in high school, college, and a career of their choice. We empower all of our students with the education today that they will need to change the world tomorrow.

We are seeking a high capacity, high impact, and growth-oriented Math Instructional Coach and Interventionist to support teachers’ growth, with a special focus on emerging math instruction.

Job Description

The Math Instructional Coach and Interventionist (MICI) reports to the Principal and works closely with the Instructional Leadership Team (“ILT”) which includes the Principal, Assistant Principal, the Director of Student Supports, and the Dean of Culture. The MICI collaborates with the team to ensure that professional development, coaching, and support for teachers is high quality, growth-oriented, rigorous, implemented with fidelity and results in high levels of student achievement. The MICI coaches teachers to implement a consistent warm/strict classroom management system and supports the selection, implementation, planning, execution, data analysis and action planning of a college preparatory curriculum in each subject area and grade that they coach. Teacher support includes, but is not limited to, modeling, co-teaching, co-planning, and implementing observation and coaching cycles. In addition to owning teacher development, the MICI will be employed to provide math instructional interventions to students across grades in the school. The MICI must have a demonstrated history of results in elementary and/or middle school math instruction. This is a year-round position.

Job Outputs

-Teachers are trained to plan and execute lessons at mastery, resulting in high levels of student achievement.
-Teachers demonstrate high levels of growth across lesson planning, execution, and management.
-Teachers report trusting and feeling supported by the MICI, and demonstrate growth that results in improved student achievement.
-PD is thoroughly planned & executed to be responsive to school trends and proactive in supporting high student academic achievement.
-Classroom systems and procedures at school are clearly communicated and consistently implemented to 100%.
– Rigorous, Common Core standard aligned curriculum is analyzed, selected and utilized at a highly effective level for students.
-Teachers demonstrate comfort analyzing their data & responding to trends with action plans individualized to scholar needs.
-A staff culture around data analysis and responsive action planning is cultivated and supported; data analysis and action planning is supported for all subject areas.
-Teacher observations & teacher coaching meetings happen consistently, and have a clear structure that results in teacher growth and improved student outcomes.
-High levels of growth in math by students in assigned interventions
-Retention of GLA teachers coached by the MICI is 75%.

Job Responsibilities

-Drives teachers’ growth at high levels through individual goal setting and modalities of support around classroom culture, curriculum development, lesson creation and lesson execution, and data analysis and action planning
-Works with the school Instructional Leadership Team and Content Specialists to develop, implement and maintain every detail of the school’s systems and procedures, including homework, discipline, transitions, entrance and exit, community celebrations, morning meetings, and classroom culture so that GLA is structured and highly joyful with a focus on growth
-Coaches portfolio of teachers on creating and executing instructional plans that are highly responsive to student data and bring 100% of scholars to mastery of 100% of objectives
-Utilizes school observational tools to track teacher proficiency and creates action plans to increase teacher proficiency
-Develops clear vision for math instruction in grades K-4 and supports the strong development of math skills in all scholars (K-8) in math.
-Supports all instructional operations
-Supports school coverage needs in the absence of teachers


-Strong teaching track record of student success in the classroom and around student culture & learning
-Experienced teacher coach with track record of growing instructors in lesson planning, curriculum building, action planning, data analysis, classroom management, and lesson execution
-Deep knowledge of the teacher “taxonomies” per TLAC
-Deep knowledge of elementary and middle school curriculum in math
-Deep knowledge of curricular resources and programs, including an understanding of common core and social-emotional learning practices
-Strong executor able to create high quality work product and stay highly organized in a multi-faceted role with intense time pressures
-Strong communicator and relationship builder with adults, including all staff, student families and community partners
-Able to build a strong, collaborative, data driven, and motivated team
-Able to drive with cultural consistency, emotional continuity, system and procedural consistency; demonstrates intentional calm and positivity
-Demonstrated leadership skills – highly organized and efficient, execution oriented, self-motivated, self-aware, self-directed, solution driven, and humble
-Flexible and team-oriented; willing to work with the admin team to support in areas of need in the school

Job Requirements

-Bachelor’s degree is required; Master’s degree is preferred; and
-Four years teaching experience in an urban public school or urban charter school setting preferred
-Two years of teacher coaching experience preferred, some experience coaching teachers required
-Belief in and alignment with Great Lakes Academy’s core beliefs and educational philosophy is non-negotiable.

Culture Fit- Do these words describe you?

Commitment to social justice and equity; Fiercely positive, Sense of Humor, Hard-working, Intelligent, Organized, Humble, Self-reflective, Self-directed, Goal-oriented, Enthusiastic, Friendly.

As an equal opportunity employer, Great Lakes Academy hires without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, disability, or any other category protected by applicable law