Middle Science Teacher

Posted on: August 6, 2019

The teacher is responsible for the very heart of the school. Teacher responsibilities include instructing students, reporting student progress to parents, and enforcing the general rules and regulations of the school.

Administrative Responsibilities:
Fulfills service requirement
Takes attendance within 5 minutes of the start of each class period
Relates announcements and other relevant information to assigned group
Accompanies students to assemblies, monitors behaviors, and sits with the group
Supervises students and never leaves students unattended
Reports for supervision duty promptly and conducts supervision responsibly

Teaching Responsibilities:
Prepares and submits weekly lesson plans
Enables students to achieve their potential
Keeps an accurate daily record of attendance and grades
Works to reach all students via a variety of teaching approaches
Strives to integrate course content to all subject areas
Organized classroom
Employs effective classroom management techniques for optimum learning environment for all students
Keeps a file of class assignments, quizzes and tests
Develops and administers quarterly exams and appropriate measures of progress in grades K-8
Submits an updated outline and curriculum overview for grades K-8
Formally evaluates student performance through progress reports and quarter/semester grades
Attends parent-teacher conferences to discuss student progress
Submits substitute and emergency lesson plans with class lists
Contacts all parents of students in danger of failing before grades are issued
Enter assignments and grades in Powerschool by Tuesday of each week
Maintains accurate seating charts on desk

Enrichment Responsibilities:
Writes and monitors a professional development plan in accordance with formative and summative evaluation model
Maintains a learning-oriented and appropriately organized room
Remains available to students before and after school for tutoring
Carefully plans and schedules educational field trips or speakers
Utilizes standard classroom technology in an attempt to reach a variety of learning styles
Involves students in curriculum-related contest and competitions

Professional Responsibilities:
Dresses appropriately and professionally
Maintains accountability for ALL policies/procedures in the teacher’s handbook
Attends all faculty meetings and other designated meetings
Demonstrates professional advancement annually through professional reading, seminars, workshops, classes, etc.
Attends Open House, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and other mandatory school events
Chaperones or sponsors at least one school event or organization a year
Turns in forms and documents on time
Enforces the rules, regulations and consequence continuum of the school
Consistently implements and monitors behavior
Substitutes for absent teachers as necessary
Monitors, collects, and records data as needed in the classroom

– Must have Bachelors Degree
– Must have a Professional Educator License
– Must have teaching experience