Program Manager- ASPIRA

Posted on: October 26, 2023 |

Program Manager: Serve as liaison between MDV and partner agencies; as well as point-person between MDV and school-based staff / students / parents.

Essential Job Functions

Develop programs that align with grant requirements for the 3 ASPIRA High Schools

Survey students on program interest
Survey ASPIRA faculty and staff on facilitation of programs
Seek staff / new-hires for programming depending on student interest
Create job descriptions for program instructors and mentors
Interview and onboard new program staff
Seek opportunities and meet with organizations to develop partnerships
Assist staff with the development of their program
Create program schedules
Train instructors on their roles and responsibilities (Orientation to program mission, Cityspan training, etc.)
Train MDV security on their roles and responsibilities (review systems, etc)
Implement programs that align with grant requirements for the 3 ASPIRA High Schools

Assist instructors with creation of promotional materials: flyers, videos, etc.
Promote specific programs via newsletters, emails to school leaders / students, and speaking at events (Open House, Classrooms, etc)
Assist with student recruitment for programs
Collect enrollment forms from students
Enroll students on Cityspan
Enroll students in programs via Google Classroom (during remote)
Enroll students in Cityspan activities
Provide staff with program needs: supplies, space, google classroom, software, technology, attendance sheets
Collect attendance from instructors
Manage programs that align with grant requirements for the 3 ASPIRA High Schools

Manage cityspan to ensure program attendance is up-to-date by instructors and new students are enrolled with all demographic information accounted for
Provide oversight to instructors and program staff
Ensure all programs are project-based and/or guide programs to transition into project-based learning
Observe programs and coach program instructors and provide feedback on how to implement best practices
Be available to instructors for administrative support such as adding new students to Cityspan, deleting/adding program dates, etc.
Regular communication with program instructors on updates
Receive communication from staff on program supply needs
Purchase supplies for programs and provide updates to staff and students on supplies (complete ASPIRA requirements to submit invoice or requisition forms)
Assist staff coordinate events / field trips / extracurricular events for programs
Collect and approve staff timesheets
Follow-up with MDV security to receive feedback on program and system improvements
Work towards developing best practice models for programming

Develop systems of best practice for program management (tutoring tracker, supplies tracker, check-in survey evaluations, parent communication logs, etc.)
One-on-one communication with program instructors via meetings and email to review successes and challenges of program, proving suggestions for betterment of program; help staff further develop program for next cohort (provide action steps)
Create materials to highlight overall MDV High School programs to key stakeholders (newsletters, flyers, videos, etc.)
Seek and attend professional development opportunities
Coordinate (and occasionally lead) trainings / professional development for program instructors based on instructor needs / interests
Regularly communicate with school leadership team / administration and program partners to receive feedback and school-based information to further develop and improve programs
Think through and implement initiatives to increase student and parent participation
Coordinate the tutoring program for the 3 ASPIRA High Schools

Create tutoring sign up form
Send tutoring sign up form on a weekly basis to ASPIRA High School student-body
As students sign-up for tutoring, coordinate with instructors and students to select tutor and time for tutoring
Create the google meets meeting for tutoring
Follow-up with tutor and tutee regarding tutoring, re-schedule as needed
Repeat for each student
Communicate with school leaders
Create group tutoring schedule for schools who opt-ed into group tutoring
Assist in Parent Event Planning for the 3 ASPIRA High Schools

Develop systems for Community Resource Coordinator to effectively plan parent events and programs
Assist in the planning of parent events and programs
Assist in the promotion of parent events and programs
Compliance with grant data requirements

Distribute, collect, and analyze parent surveys: interest survey, pre-survey, post survey
Distribute, collect, and analyze student data: interest surveys, pre-survey, post-survey
Responsible for the tracking and book-keeping of student activities / programs, parent events / programs, staff in-take forms, student enrollment forms, teacher, student, and parent surveys, program materials (student creations, etc.)
On Cityspan
On Paper
Digitally on ASPIRA Google Drive
Complete reports as requested per DFSS, CCVP, ASN
Prepare and maintain program expense records and transactions
Provide ASN updates on 21st CCLC programming via monthly site check ins, and monthly Site-Coordinator checkins
Submit quarterly reports to ASN
Create and keep an ongoing list of program partners and one-off guest speakers
Facilitate the summer program for the 3 ASPIRA High Schools

Continue regular duties during the academic year for the 6-month summer program for 21st CCLC, DFSS, 21st CCLC youth
In addition to regular responsibilities,
Find internship placements for One Summer Chicago youth
Plan and coordinate the student development workshops (seek speakers / trainings, booked guests, etc)
Provided oversight to the part-time summer program coordinators
Lead Passport to Success workshops for students with PT coordinator as a co-facilitator
Lead Cook County Violence Prevention mentoring sessions with students
Responsible for collecting program attendance and inputting attendance on 21st CCLC and DFSS Cityspan
Minimum Qualifications

Two years of demonstrated ability leading a team in an academic setting
A minimum of two years of related experience in high schools and/or working with targeted age Spanish Speakers (Bilingual)
Minimum of 4+ years in community engagement, education policy, and/or public affairs
Experience in building community partnerships, facilitating pieces of training, developing both high-level and parent-friendly presentations, and crisis management
Demonstrated excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills
Motivated self-starter
Willing and able to perform assigned duties in a manner that is sensitive to different personalities, respectful of the role and authority of school leaders, sensitive to community dynamics and political implications
Ability to work collaboratively with a diverse group of stakeholders
Excellent organizational skills
Exceptional negotiation and conflict resolution skills
Ability to analyze, create, and present custom data reports
Proven customer service skills
Proven resourcefulness
Team player who possesses group-thinking skills
Evening and weekend work hours are probable
Must adhere to Performance Guidelines established by Executive Leadership
A combination of the above shall also be considered
Non-discrimination Statement
ASPIRA provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetics, or any other protected category.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 per year


Retirement plan

Monday to Friday