School Psychologist (2021-22 School Year)

Posted on: June 1, 2021 |

Position Title: School Psychologist (2021-22 School Year)

F.T.E: 1.0

Location: This position requires working between two locations:

1. 7415 S. East End Ave., Chicago, IL 60649

2. 3820 N. Spaulding Ave., Chicago, IL 60618

Reports To: School Director

Start Date: August 2021

The Mission of Distinctive Schools, an educational practice leader committed to social justice and the elevation of access and achievement in historically marginalized communities, is to support each child in becoming an engaged and curious learner, a confident self-advocate, and a creative problem-solver by setting high expectations and nurturing a positive culture that honors diversity, collaboration, and optimism.

Position Description:

As a part of Distinctive Schools’ student support team, a School Psychologist will work collaboratively with the student support team to assist in supporting the academic and emotional functioning of all students. A School Psychologist works in collaboration with teachers and staff in identifying the academic and behavioral needs of the students in order to provide the interventions necessary to ensure student success in all areas. Further, a School Psychologist conducts student assessments in all areas of school functioning which identifies the developmental, learning and behavioral needs of students; consults with teachers, school employees and parents about how to improve the academic and emotional development of all students; supports data analysis and problem-solving process for tiered interventions; and performs direct interventions with students in need in the areas of academic and social-emotional functioning. This person will:

Attend all student problem-solving meetings in order to identify students at-risk for academic and social-emotional and/or behavioral difficulties; identify area(s) of need for each student (both academically and behaviorally) and assist in creation of an intervention plan for each student; reviews student academic or behavioral data in order to monitor progress

Meet with students regularly to support those who are struggling with social-emotional and/or behavioral issues in order to improve their overall well-being and school functioning by providing mental health supports and practices

Collaborate with teachers and staff to identify areas of need within the classroom and with individual students, provides academic or behavioral recommendations, supports, and strategies, and monitors progress of students

Conduct classroom observations regularly to identify students who are struggling academically or behaviorally in order to provide academic and behavioral supports, recommendations, and strategies to teacher and staff

Provide positive behavioral and classroom management support to teachers and staff by identifying evidenced-based practices and helping to implement these practices in the classroom in an on-going way

Attend special education domain meetings in order to identify areas of need and review evaluative process for parents and staff (i.e. review cognitive, social-emotional, and academic achievement assessment process)

Complete comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations in order to identify deficits and strengths in all areas which includes current social-emotional, academic achievement, adaptive, and cognitive functioning assessments

Psycho-educational evaluation report writing that incorporates all current evaluative results, behavioral and classroom observational data, previous evaluative results, teacher summaries of student performance, and academic and behavioral recommendations to facilitate future educational planning and student success

Attend all IEP (Initial and 3 year reevaluation) meetings in order to review psychoeducational evaluation results, reports, and recommendations with parents, teachers, and staff as well as determine eligibility for special education resource services

Complete all pertinent IEP documentation in a timely manner (i.e. Psychological evaluation report, learning environment screenings, eligibility determination, and assessment summaries)

Assist in Crisis Intervention/Prevention practices within each school which includes preventative measures such as mental health screenings for possible social-emotional or behavioral issues and following the network protocol in cases of emergencies (i.e. school violence, deaths, and suicidal ideation)

Provide professional development opportunities to teachers and staff on evidence-based practices in social-emotional learning, behavioral and academic supports and interventions

Attend pertinent district trainings in order to keep up-to-date on current practices, procedures, and policies in regard to student services and specific clinician domains

Continue membership in professional School Psychologist organizations (State School Psychologists Association/National Association of School Psychologists) in order to keep up-to-date on current practices, procedures, and policies in the area of school psychology as well as network with colleagues

Communicate with parents via in-person meetings, letters, and/or emails in an on-going way in order to discuss student progress and concerns in all areas of academics and social-emotional functioning

Communicate and maintain relationships with outside mental health organizations that assist in fostering healthy student outcomes

Maintain a detailed and comprehensive weekly/daily schedule in order to meet all deadlines and responsibilities in an effective and efficient way


Completion of a NASP approved School Psychology program and Student Services Personnel State Licensure with School Psychology Endorsement

Why Join the Distinctive Schools Team:

We are a collaborative team of professionals supporting each other to instill a love of learning in our students

We empower students, families and staff to contribute to our mission in a meaningful way

Distinctive Schools was named one of Crain’s 2021 Best Places to Work in Chicago; culture is at the heart of what we do

We make an impact in our communities by serving some of the most historically marginalized in the city

We offer a great benefits package for full time employees (Medical; Dental; Vision; PTO; 403b

Distinctive Schools is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other personal characteristic protected by applicable law.