School Social Worker 2019-2020 School Year

Posted on: June 5, 2019

Intrinsic Schools is a charter network whose mission is to create a revolutionary new school model that prepares all students for postsecondary success and world-changing endeavors.  We offer a chance to make a unique impact in urban education by creating an academic model that leverages great teaching and the precision of technology to personalize education for each student.  In our fourth year of operation, we will serve students in grades 7-12. Our student demographics are 90% minority, 86% free and reduced lunch and 19% students with disabilities. If you have a passion for teaching in an urban setting and using technology in the classroom, apply to our unique school.

Why Intrinsic

We offer a chance to make a unique impact in urban education by creating an academic model that leverages great teaching and the precision of technology to personalize education for each student. Our goal is to prepare all students for postsecondary success as demonstrated by high quality student work, growth on assessments and “non­cognitive” factors such as empathy, student independence, perseverance, and intellectual curiosity.

Our team has a unique mix of charter, private school and deep CPS experience that creates a broad range of perspectives that ultimately leads to stronger schools.

Finally, we offer a chance to be a part of an elite national peer group.  We collaborate with some of the most successful and innovative schools across the country as we refine our model. Our model will be shared across the city, the state and country!

Culture at Intrinsic

We believe that a strong student culture focused on learning and mutual respect between students and adults is foundational to a strong school.  Teachers at Intrinsic consistently implement a school-wide behavior system designed to create such a culture.

Our Academic Model

Our academic model is unique and creates a very different and exciting place to work.   We provide diverse types of learning experiences such as Socratic seminars, small group instruction, hands-on labs and collaborative student projects. Team teaching is core to our model.  All math, ELA and Spanish teachers teach in teams where they plan together and work with students in larger spaces. Teachers in other subjects are expected to plan collaboratively and often co-teach to support our special education and ESL students.  We use technology to personalize learning and to help students make deeper connections to content. As a result of this structure, teachers are able to better assess and meet individual student needs.

The Role of the Social Worker

The Social Worker plays a critical role in ensuring the social and emotional health of students, helping students reach Intrinsic’s academic graduate aims of Think, Solve, Communicate, and Reflect.  This individual also plays a critical role in ensuring a positive and healthy school culture that supports Intrinsic’s agency graduate aims of Empathy, Perseverance, Independence, and Curiosity.

Job Responsibilities

The Social Worker will respond to the social and emotional needs of students and their families as well as take proactive measures to identify potential issues. Primary responsibilities include:

Work to identify and manage social and emotional issues with students.

Assist in development of behavior intervention strategies

Provide casework management for individual students and, as appropriate, family members.

Provide information and referral to community agencies and resources

Respond to referrals from other mental health professionals or recommendations from Intrinsic staff.

Complete risk assessment on referred students

Provide crisis intervention services

Provide staff training on mental health services and classroom strategies to support emotional needs of students

Provide staff consultation on behavioral/emotional/environmental issues affecting student participation in the learning process.

Plan and execute group sessions and student presentations

Monitor student attendance and develop individual plans

Investigate potential safety issues with students and determine required services.

Provide support to families to promote collaboration in educational planning for students’ academic, behavioral, and social emotional needs

Provide counsel for parents of students receiving services

Collaborate with school social worker and school counselor


Required Social Worker license to practice in Illinois in the K-12 setting

Prior experience working with 7th – 12th grade students.

Graduate degree in social work or school counseling

Fluent in Spanish, preferred

Application Process

Candidates should apply through our website: