Social Worker at Urban Prep Academies West

Posted on: August 2, 2019 |

• Illinois Professional Educator License with School Social Worker Endorsement
• Comprehensive knowledge of the school social work profession including associated laws, ethical issues, professional issues and standards; understanding of child development, psychopathology, social and environmental conditioning, cultural diversity and family systems
• Ability to conduct direct and indirect intervention; effective caseload management, counseling and interviewing skills
• Excellent communication and time management skills
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, families, team members, and others
• Experience working with students with emotional/behavior disorders preferred
• GENERAL DESCRIPTION**: The School Social Worker provides services that strengthen home, school, and community partnerships and address barriers to learning and achievement. The School Social Worker contributes to the development of a healthy, safe, and caring environment by promoting the understanding of the social-emotional development of children and the influences of family, community, and cultural differences on student success and by implementing effective intervention strategies.
• Identifies and assesses school, home, and community factors affecting student’s school functioning.
• Serves as a liaison between families and the school to positively promote collaboration to improve student achievement.
• Completes social assessments to assist in the determination of special education services.
• Implements appropriate therapeutic strategies to effect changes in students’ behavioral and social interactions.
• Provides individual and group counseling to students and their families.
• Provides parent/guardian training on such issues as child development and teacher/parent/student communication.
• Collaborates with school staff in implementing strategies to promote student learning.
• Participates as a member of the IEP,MTSS, and other school based teams to develop interventions for promoting students’ academic success.
• Provides crisis intervention services.
• Provides social work case management for students and families.
• Provides staff consultation on behavioral-emotional-environmental issues affecting student participation in the learning process.
• Supports social-emotional-environmental factors that impact learning.
• Maintains required clinical records and submit appropriate documents for statistical reports in adherence with program standards in school social work.
• Completes risk assessments on referred students.
• Completes functional behavior assessments on identified students.
• Completes classroom observations as necessary.
• Serves as liaison with community agencies and assist in fostering communication between schools, parents/guardians, and community leaders.
• Locates and mobilizes community resources to support the educational program.
• Participates in activities that promote professional development.
• Supports and implements District policies and procedures, regulations, and administrative directives.
• Adheres to the ethical standards and codes of the profession and to the established rules, regulations, and laws governing special education.

To apply: Please email your resume, cover letter and credentials to- Cheryl Kalkirtz, Director of Specialized Services at Urban Prep Academy West Charter School Network for Young Men at