Special Education Teacher

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Position: High School Special Education Teacher | 10 Month
Reports To: Principal

Objective: Support students in achieving normative growth, as measured by the PSAT/SAT over the course of 1 school year.

Success Metrics: Formal Observation – Utilizing the Danielson Framework 1x per year for returning staff, 2x per year for new staff. SQRP Accountability Metrics – SAT/PSAT Indicators (Student Growth Percentiles aligned to subject area taught)

Instructional Responsibilities (Team Role: Driver)
● Utilize differentiation strategies and varied teaching methods combined with instructional materials to meet student’s varying learning needs and interests.
● Update grades in the student information system (ASPEN) on a bi-Weekly basis
● Maintain accurate and complete student records as required by laws, district policies, and administrative regulations
● Observe and evaluate students’ performance, behavior, social development, and physical health
● Plan and conduct activities for a balanced program of direct instruction, engaging projects, classroom demonstration, socratic discussions, and group/individual work time that provides students with opportunities to observe, question and investigate
● Prepare materials and classrooms for class activities
● Prepare, administer, and grade formative assessments to be used as guides for planning
● Utilize school wide formative assessment data (PSAT/SAT) to inform instructional decisions
● Submit weekly lesson plans (Monday morning at 8:00)
● Communicate regularly with parents/guardians (at least 5 contacts per week) Project Based Learning (Team Role: Driver)
● Design and Implement 1 project per quarter to serve as the final assessment of student learning.
● Collaborate with the Senior Director of Philanthropy and Corporate Engagement to connect projects to local organizations.
● Align projects to ISBE State Standards, or relevant Fine Arts or Technical Standards approved by the school administration
● Collaborate with at least one colleague on a project, and exhibition of the completed project
● Facilitate student participation at quarterly exhibitions of learning

Classroom Management (Team Role: Driver)
● Enforce all school wide policies and rules concerning classroom management
● Perform a variety of clerical duties in support of classroom activities, such as preparing, copying, and filing instructional materials. Grade student assessments and assignments, recording of grades (weekly) and attendance(daily), lunch reports, and maintaining student records and files as assigned.
● Operate and care for instructional equipment and materials as assigned by the teacher. This includes preparing the room for the activity, obtaining the required material and equipment, operation of the equipment, and the return of all materials and equipment to storage.
● Supervision of students during non-instructional times, such as emergency drills, assemblies, cafeteria, restrooms, field trips, hallways, and dismissal.
● Assure the health and safety of students by following established practices and procedures and maintain the learning environment in a safe, orderly and clean.
● Observe and monitor student behavior throughout the school building according to approved restorative practices, monitor students during activities as directed, become familiar with student IEP goals, and report progress regarding student performance and behavior to school principal and parents/guardians.

Participate in weekly professional growth activities.
● Sit on at least one school wide committee
● Participate in in-service training programs.
● Follow the communicated policies and procedures of the organization.
● Demonstrate professional responsibility and ethical behavior.
● Assume responsibilities outside the classroom
● Demonstrate the ability to react well under pressure, handle, and balance multiple demands at one time, work with frequent interruptions, and perform duties and tasks at expected levels of professionalism.
● Demonstrate extensive knowledge of, and ability to, perform duties in full compliance with all organization, Board of Education, State and Federal laws, methods, requirements, policies, procedures, and activities pertinent to the duties of this position.
● Demonstrate the ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
● Demonstrate the ability to use independent judgment and initiative to act without being asked.
● Demonstrate effective and appropriate interpersonal relationships with students, educational staff, parents and staff.
● Respect the confidentiality of information regarding students and be discreet in dealing with parents and educational personnel.
● Perform all other duties as assigned by supervisor(s).

Real World Learning Program (Team Role: Supporter)
● Host one power lunch per semester for assigned advisory students
● Attend and chaperone Real World Learning field experiences for students