Teacher Assistant

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Teaching & Learning Responsibilities (Team Role: Supporter)
– Coordinate with classroom teachers to determine daily tasks
– Prepare materials for lessons, demonstrations, and bulletin boards
– Operate equipment including computers, printers, photocopiers, and laminators
– Ensure that students have all materials necessary for class activities
– Work with students individually or in small groups for extension or remediation
– Provide extra help as needed to students
– Grade assignments
– Adhere to accommodations in students’ IEPs and 504 plans
– Lead activities designed to foster students’ mental, physical, and social development

Professional Responsibilities (Team Role: Active Participant)
– Participate in weekly professional growth activities.
– Supervise students in various settings including classrooms (virtual & In-Person), Lunch & Recess, dismissal & arrival, and field trips
– Sit on at least one school-wide committee
– Participate in in-service training programs.
– Follow the communicated policies and procedures of the organization.
– Demonstrate professional responsibility and ethical behavior.
– Assume responsibilities outside the classroom
– Demonstrate the ability to react well under pressure, handle, and balance multiple demands at one time, work with frequent interruptions, and perform duties and tasks at expected levels of professionalism.
– Demonstrate extensive knowledge of, and ability to, perform duties in full compliance with all organization, Board of Education, State and Federal laws, methods, requirements, policies, procedures, and activities pertinent to the duties of this position.
– Demonstrate the ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
– Demonstrate the ability to use independent judgment and initiative to act without being asked.
– Demonstrate effective and appropriate interpersonal relationships with students, educational staff, parents and staff.
– Respect the confidentiality of information regarding students and be discreet in dealing with parents and educational personnel.
– Perform all other duties as assigned by supervisor(s).

Operations/Other (Team Role: Supporter)
– Morning Duty & Afternoon Duty (coverage as assigned prior to the start of 1st period)
– Lunch Duty (1 Day Per-week)
– Attend Open Houses, School-Wide Exhibition & other school-based events