Technology Instructor (TI)


Technology Instructor (TI)

Erie Elementary Charter School (EECS) is built on the strong foundation of the nationally accredited Childcare program at Erie Neighborhood House, a progressive social service agency in Chicago’s West Town community. Located in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood, EECS opened in September 2005 serving 80 students in kindergarten and first grade. Currently the school serves 415 students, grades K-8.

EECS is a community where students, parents and educators work together to develop children who are confident in their culture and ethnic origin, proficient in Spanish and English, achieve academic excellence, and firmly placed on a path to higher education.

Erie Elementary Charter School seeks an exemplary Technology Instructor for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year and beyond. This position involves teaching a technology class to our 3-8 graders. The successful candidate will need to have a diverse range of qualities, competencies and experience. As our Technology Instructor, this individual supports the integration of technology across grade levels and departments. As a Technology Instructor with practical knowledge, the TI is informed of relevant developments and research, ensuring that every opportunity is taken both to enhance the quality of education provided to the students and to promote the perception of the school by our community members. The TI reports to the Principal and Director of Operations.
The successful candidate should be an adaptable and inspiring educator, with the ability to deliver coherent, balanced, and integrated Technology lessons. In addition, the role of TI assumes professional responsibility for providing, leading and facilitating diverse and effective learning experiences using technology in a supportive and positive climate across grade levels.’

Curriculum and Design, Instruction and Student Assessment
-Design and implement differentiated curriculum aligned with school standards
-Design and frequently administer rigorous, standards-based, authentic assessments
-Use the curriculum provided by the school as primary curriculum and supplement with appropriate resources
-Use data-based inquiry to inform practice
-Provide a learning environment that encourages and motivates ALL students to learn
-Possess a “do what it takes’ mentality to ensure the success of each of his/her students

Partnering with Students and Families
-Work collaboratively with parents by phone or email on a regular basis to share with parents both positive and negative feedback about their child, which may include doing home visits
-Respond promptly by telephone or email to parent questions and concerns
Attend occasional after-school or weekend events such as potluck dinners, student performances, and other school related events
-Collaborate: Works well with others; leads, models and inspires staff to thoughtfully integrate technology into their lessons when appropriate; demonstrates clear and comprehensive computer knowledge and skills; and ensures the safe use of the technology room during lessons
-Curriculum Development: Works with colleagues to develop the Technology class curriculum; ensures that the IT standards are integrated into instruction; ensures the quality, breadth, balance and relevance of the IT curriculum received by students.
-Performance Assessment: Sets high and measurable goals for student achievement and evaluates student progress in the instructional program
-Community: Encourages the use of community resources, cooperates with families in welcoming them to our community, and maintains solid communication with all community members
-Other duties as assigned

Required Skills, Knowledge and Experience:
-Fluent with Apple devices and platforms (OS, iOS, iPad, Mac computers)
-Experience with device management
-Believer in culturally relevant teaching
-Strong leadership skills and personal drive
-Ability to maintain a safe, orderly environment
-Strong written and spoken communication skills
-Technically proficient in Apple operating systems, internetworking protocols, server and other file-sharing systems, office applications, tablets and smartphones, smartboards, and data communications; experience in A-V systems and video-editing preferred

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience (not required):
-3+ years experience as a technology educator
-Bilingual and bi-literate (English/Spanish)

Minimum Education Requirements:
-Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Technology or a related field

Education Preference (not required):
-State of Illinois Teaching Certificate
-ESL or Bilingual Endorsement


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