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Board Governance

A nonprofit organization is governed by a board of directors, which will bear the ultimate responsibility for the success of your charter school. The key duties of an effective charter school board are to:

  • Provide oversight. Just like the board of directors of a corporation, a charter school’s board makes the school’s management accountable to a diverse group of people who have the general interest of the school at heart and are not directly involved in the operations of the school.
  • Oversee the finances. Boards establish fiscal policy and boundaries, approve the budget, exercise financial control and review and approve major commitments of funds.
  • Promote the charter school’s mission. Board members advocate for their school by promoting its mission and goals within the community and in the wider education reform arena.
  • Hire and supervise the charter school administrator. One of the most important roles of the board is to recruit and support an administrator who can provide vision and leadership to the charter school. The administrator is designated to act on behalf of the board to implement its decisions. See more on this relationship below.
  • Set important policies. The board makes major financial and operational decisions for the school, setting policies that impact how or whether the school makes progress toward meeting its student achievement goals. The board also engages in long-range planning.

Board Bylaws*: Sample bylaws from Polaris Charter School (Coming Soon!)

Board Committee Job Descriptions: Sample board committee descriptions

Board Conflict of Interest Policy*:  This policy provides the organization and Board Member with a process for handing and advising actual or potential conflicts of interest.

Board Effectiveness Quiz: Take this short quiz to get a  snapshot of your Board of Directors

Board Job Descriptions: Sample charter school board job descriptions

Board Profile Worksheet*:  This worksheet helps identify the skills of your current board members and gaps and desired characteristics of your board.

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