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Budget & Financial Management

A comprehensive financial management system must address all aspects of fiscal management. At a minimum, such a system will include the following elements:

  • A comprehensive set of fiscal management policies and procedures, clarifying who has authority over the school’s fiscal affairs, internal controls, accounting practices, purchasing and personnel practices.
  • A budget development calendar and budget monitoring system
  • An accounting system
  • A system of conducting timely and accurate payroll
  • Establishment of external review of reports by qualified personnel including board members, CPA, and auditors


Charter School Audits: Charter school audits from 2009-2013 as reported to ISBE.

Compliance Checklist: Sample audit compliance checklist for charter schools.

Illinois District Financial Reports: Historical annual reports sorted by their RCDT code.

Illinois State Board of Education Budget: Past and current ISBE budget books.

Operating Expense per Pupil (OEPP) and Per Capita Tuition Charge (PCTC): Definitions  and calculations of OEPP and PCTC.