Member Schools

Community Engagement

Charter schools are public schools, and as a public entity, you have a responsibility to listen to and engage with the community your school will serve.

Tactics to engage the community:

  • Host community meetings
  • Attend community gatherings
  • Schedule appointments with targeted individuals
  • Piggyback at other meetings
  • Have a key supporter convene other potential allies

Community Profile*: The Community Profile Builder provides a snapshot of important components in any community; elected officials, school district information, other influential leaders and organizations, and main community issues and their responses.

Community Research Outreach*: This presentation explains the importance of community research, outreach, and engagement.

Legislative School Tours*: This document lists best practices for hosting legislative school tours and provides questions to help guide you through the planning process.

Letter of Support*: Showing support from community organizations and individuals is important for the success of a charter school. Use this template to help your supporters express their support for your school. These letters are great ways to show your district the support you have from the community.

Meeting with Elected Officials*: Engaging with elected officials is a key component to building and maintaining your presence in the local community. Here are some guidelines to making these meetings successful.