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Teacher Recruitment and Pipelines – NEW!

National Best Practices: Teacher Recruitment and Pipelines

Over the years, many charter networks have used job fairs as a recruiting mechanism for high quality talent. Recently, however, other channels for recruiting high quality candidates have emerged and gained traction. Charter networks who have not adapted and engaged with these different channels are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to recruiting. Vacancies for many charters are particularly acute for veteran, bilingual, and special education teachers.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and the Illinois Network of Charter Schools have come together to seek out national best practices around teacher job fairs, new recruitment channels, teacher pipelines, and how to recruit high quality candidates in the current education environment.

Our findings highlight seven core practices that are foundational to building a high-quality teacher pipeline. In this report, we outline these practices and the tactics behind them in an effort to help charter schools, and the organizations that support them, recruit and retain the best talent.

National Best Practices Report

Human Resources

Human resources plays a key role in helping schools deal with the competitive environment and demand for high quality employees. Organizations that can connect you to top talent may look like universities, teacher preparation programs, education-focused organizations and community groups.

The laws surrounding employment are constantly being updated and require consistent attention and understanding. Personnel expense is the largest budget area for a charter school and HR services can provide recruiting, hiring/firing, payroll, compliance, benefits administration and employee evaluations.

Conflict of Interest Policy (COI)*: This policy provides the organization and employee with a process for handing and advising actual or potential conflicts of interest.

Employee Handbook*: This is sample employee handbook that includes policies and procedures for teachers and staff.

Job Descriptions*: Leadership, social work, support, and teaching job descriptions from Noble Network of Charter Schools.

Summary of Benefits: Summary of the different benefits schools offer to faculty and staff.

Sample 1*
Sample 2*

Teacher Offer Letter: Sample teacher offer letter for at-will employee. Key areas included in the letter are compensation and performance bonus information, overview of benefits (health, dental, 401k), and primary duties.

Sample Letter 1*
Sample Letter 2*

Research on Human Capital

The Long Term Impact of Teachers, Teacher Value-Added and Student Outcomes in Adulthood

This research shows the importance of a high quality teacher and catalyzed new interest in the importance of teacher quality.

National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future

NCTAF highlights teacher retention as a critical strategy for increasing teacher quality and points to the development of learning communities as a means to retain teachers. The website links to reports related to these issues.

National Charter School Resource Center, Human Capital

This website includes research, resources, and funding opportunities relevant to charters thinking about recruiting and hiring staff.