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Perspectives Charter Schools students are learning to be ethical leaders through the A Disciplined Life education model. At our five campuses throughout the South Side of Chicago, they study the 26 principles of A Disciplined Life, which help them develop positive self-perception, healthy relationships, and tools for productivity. Perspectives students graduate from high school, enroll in college, and persist towards graduation at rates above the national average.

The “I Am For Peace” campaign began this spring with a peace march that drew 3,000 students, families, and supporters and earned extensive local and national media coverage. Along with the peace march, a Kickstarter campaign raised more than $35,000 to create the “I Am For Peace” documentary, which is being developed by New Chapter Entertainment, a production company started by former Oprah Winfrey Show producers. Now, with the “I Am For Peace” campaign, the students are looking to share how the principles of A Disciplined Life can bring peace to our city. The Perspectives “I Am For Peace” Premiere will be just the start of a movement to spread this story throughout the city and beyond.

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