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The mission of Youth Connection Charter School (YCCS) is to advocate, develop, and provide world-class education to high school dropouts in partnership with the alternative high school community.   YCCS, with its 20 community-based small school partners, creates an alternative for thousands of students who did not thrive in  a traditional classroom and school experience.  YCCS provides “Not just a Second Chance…. But a  Better  Chance,” by offering specialized services, attention and instruction to build students’ academic and behavioral skills needed to complete high school and prepare for college and professional careers.

What does a “world-class education” mean for YCCS?   First, YCCS campus performances are topping the charts with 14 of the 20 campuses scoring “1+,” top of the scale, on the 2015 CPS SQRP Academic Performance Reports.     Four of the remaining six 3campuses scored “1,” and the remaining 2 campuses scored “2” or “2+”. Second, not only do YCCS students successfully graduate from high school with a one year graduation rate of over 90%,   but 75% of YCCS graduates also go on to post-secondary education, training, and/or employment in expanding sectors with career ladder opportunities.   YCCS provides a national model of an alternative education system that not only, in the day to day, saves students’ lives, but also, in the long term, concretely   prepares today’s youth to become  tomorrow’s  college graduates and community leaders.

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Click  here  to hear Kiarra Washington tell her YCCS story at the 2014 INCS Conference. She is a 2014 graduate of the Westside Holistic Leadership Academy, a campus of YCCS, who is currently attending Harold S. Truman Community College.