Member Schools


In response to our member schools’ need for additional supports in recruiting and staffing special education instructors and related service providers, INCS has created the SPED Co-op. A cooperative, or co-op, is a collaborative that engages in the supplying of services, operated by members with mutual interests for mutual benefits. Members from charter schools across Chicago will work together to ensure all students receive the services that they deserve.

What are the goals of the SPED Co-Op?

The SPED Co-Op will:

  • Increase the quality of and access to high-quality clinicians
  • Recruit more 3rd party providers to Illinois
  • Set up tools to support charters to work together to staff RSP positions
  • Advocate with a collective voice on the challenges facing charters in this area

Who should join?

  • Case Managers
  • Specialized Service Managers/Directors
  • Teachers
  • Principals, Executive Directors and Founders
  • Student Services Coordinators

PDF Resources

To learn more about this work, or to get access to tools such as the Schools Needs Inventory and 3rd Party Provider List, please contact Mike Southard at   Email Mike to get on the SPED Co-op list, receive updates and learn about monthly meetings as well.