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Epic Intensives
EPIC Academy High School serves the South Chicago community by offering a college-prep curriculum to nearly 500 students, grounded on a student-centered, project-based approach. Every semester, EPIC Academy partners with corporations and professionals in Chicago to increase student motivation and academic habits through the EPIC Intensives program.  EPIC Intensives broaden students’ perceptions of what is[…]
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ms meeks
My name is Tanika Meeks, and I am the proud mom of Tyler, a third grade student at Catalyst Maria Charter School. Before beginning school, Tyler was in early intervention and received services to help him fully recover from a stroke at age 2. After completing the early intervention program, Tyler attended his first public[…]
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Middle Students in Class at CICS Avalon
Photo: Middle Students in Class at CICS Avalon The Illinois Network of Charter Schools congratulates the 16 charter public schools that were recognized by the district for receiving the highest school rating on SQRP, Chicago Public Schools’ new common accountability system. INCS applauds each school for their dedication to ensuring that all students are receiving[…]
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Op-Ed: Why I chose a charter school By Erin McSherry-Fergus November 25, 2014 This ran on the Chicago Sun-Times website and a mention of this piece ran in the print edition on November 26. It was re-posted on the Reboot Illinois blog and shared nationally by the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools.         I[…]
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Sterling Gilmore 75 percent
My name is Sterling Gilmore. For most of my life, I’ve had to overcome challenges. From birth, I have dealt with a speech impediment, moderate deafness and other special needs. As you can imagine, my biggest obstacle was to make it through school. In grade school I had to overcome being bullied because of my[…]
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harris photo
It didn’t take long after moving to the North Kenwood community for Geannine and Gerald Harris to realize that their eldest child, Myles’, needs were not being met by the neighborhood school he was attending.  Mr. and Mrs. Harris knew their son could succeed if he was in the right environment, and their dedication to[…]
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