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Charter Starter Fundamentals

The INCS Charter Starter Fundamentals are a series of three online, interactive training modules on key areas of charter school design. The full suite of modules cost $250 and participants will come out of the course having drafted three sections of a charter school application.

Fundamentals Module One: Mission and Vision: The Mission and Vision module guides participants through the process of creating a strong mission and vision for their charter school. Participants will learn how to use the mission and vision and what a good mission and vision should include, examine strong examples, and craft their own mission and vision.

Fundamentals Module Two: Educational Philosophy: The Educational Philosophy module helps participants articulate the educational philosophy of their charter school. The module features independent reading time and reflection, an overview of the key components of a strong educational philosophy, and an opportunity to study the approaches used in successful schools. Coming out of the module, participants will draft the educational philosophy section of their charter school application, adding it to their mission and vision.

Fundamentals Module Three: Finance and Budgeting: The Finance and Budgeting module will overview the three main sources of charter school funding and walk participants through how to create a basic charter school budget. This session features a comprehensive explanation of budgeting from a charter finance expert. Once done, participants will have drafted three key sections of the charter school application- the mission and vision,  the educational philosophy, and the budget.

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