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Student Perspective: The Noble Way to Success

Like a great majority of incoming freshmen, I was afraid of not knowing what to expect from high school. I was scared that I would not fit in with the rest of my peers, and I was especially scared that I would not be able to succeed in high school. To my great relief, I found the Noble Academy, where I was given the opportunity to take rigorous classes and use a unique method of learning called Harkness. I received a great deal of support from the teachers and staff to continue succeeding, and most importantly, I grew as an individual.

At the Academy, we use the Harkness method of learning, a student led discussion that allows students not only to learn the content that is being taught but also to learn from each other. This unique method of learning encourages students, myself included, to be more engaged in the classroom and to take responsibility for our learning. I remember when I took a summer reading class at the Academy and we were discussing the meaning behind two poems. Everyone else at the table shared what they thought these poems meant and came to a conclusion about their meaning. Then I decided to go ahead and share what the poems meant to me. Everyone sat quietly and thought about what I had said and then agreed that I had changed their perspectives on the poems. Fortunately, this happens every day in Harkness and is what makes Harkness special.

While at the Academy, I have also been given the opportunity to take an AP Biology class normally offered to juniors in my freshman year. By taking this class, I am much better prepared for when I go to college. Early College Scholars (ECS) is another unique opportunity I have been offered. This selective program is designed for the best of the best, in which students are given opportunities to go on college visits, summer internships, and work their way to picking the right college, all as early as freshman year. These are just a few of the many great opportunities I have been given while at the Noble Academy.

The Noble Network is known for its high expectations from students, for their culture, and for their seniors’ 100% college acceptance rate, all achieved through the great support from teachers and staff. Without Noble, I would not be able to have a positive mindset nor  believe that I have a chance at making a significant impact in my community. I used to think that I was a  big failure who would not be able to get back up on my feet and continue to work my way towards college. With all the support and constant push from my teachers, I have gained confidence and actually believe in myself. I now believe that I have the potential to get my degree and eventually come back and make a positive impact in my community. Without Noble, I would not have such great confidence or a positive mindset, and I am thankful to Noble for that.

–Written by Elizabeth, a freshman student at the Noble Academy