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Parent Spotlight

Jo Michelle Hale

Jo Michelle Hale

School: Perspectives High School of Technology

Neighborhood:  Auburn Gresham

In Jo Michelle’s  Words:

My name is Jo Michelle Hale. I am a parent volunteer and education advocate. I’ve been involved in my community for more than fifteen years because I know that my efforts can improve the lives of our children. My husband and I are proud parents of two awesome and gifted daughters Nafatari and Nailah Hale. Nafatari is a senior and Nailah is a junior. Both attend Perspectives High School of Technology, which is located in Auburn Gresham and is one of five schools in the Perspectives network. At Perspectives, my daughters are exposed to the A Disciplined Life ® Education Model, which combines both academic rigor and character education to help them develop positive self-perception, healthy relationships and the tools for productivity.

Because of the A Disciplined Life education that both Nafatari and Nailah receive, they have become Honor Roll students and enjoy participating in afterschool programs including Pure Art Drama and Step Club. At the beginning of her schooling, Nailah struggled in English and Math while attending a traditional CPS elementary school.   It was suggested there that she get an IEP for extra minutes of instructional time. When Nailah transferred to Perspectives for 7th grade, she began to soar in all of her subjects and became an Honor Roll student who enjoys learning. In 10th grade the IEP was terminated based on her success.  She is doing great and preparing to take the ACT in April.

I am very grateful and blessed to receive the first nomination for the INCS Parent of the Month Award for doing what I’m passionate about: advocating for children to receive an excellent education. It shouldn’t matter what economic or social background they are from—every child deserves the best education. They are our future leaders and we as parents are responsible to make sure that we prepare them for the world ahead. I personally believe that the charter school model—Perspectives Charter Schools in particular—is to move from tradition to transformation through innovation and building character to help our children become productive citizens in life after high school.